Tim McGraw Reveals How He Gets ‘More Emotional’ as He Ages

by Jacklyn Krol

Tim McGraw revealed that his family seems to get more emotional with age. The country crooner says that being an emotional person may very well be a genetic family trait.

“I don’t know, maybe it works reverse for some people. I mean, I know my uncle Hank, Tug’s older brother, 77 I believe, and he’s always been a pretty stoic guy in a lot of ways. But boy, I call him now and all I can do is say two or three things to him and he just falls apart,” he recalls to Big Machine Label Group.

“So, maybe it’s a family trait, I don’t know,” he admits. “The older you get the more emotional you get on the McGraw side of the family. Maybe that’s what happens, I don’t know. But, I guess you start looking at like differently and I think that’s probably it more than anything.”

Tim McGraw on His Mother’s Importance

Recently, Tim McGraw did get emotional when speaking about his mother and her impact. She gave birth to him when she was as senior in high school and went through some “terrible things.”

“I know how resilient my mom is and how tough she is and how strong of a woman she is, and how well she raised us under the circumstances – me and my two sisters that all grew up together – how she dealt with all of that thing,” he says.

McGraw got choked up when he reminisced about the days when she worked three jobs for her children.

“I can remember walking through the kitchen one night, gettin’ up late,” Tim McGraw recalls. “I don’t know how old I was, 10, 11, 12 years old, something like that – and she had her head down on the table at like two in the morning, with bills everywhere and was crying.”

Although he could never forget the memory, his mother doesn’t remember the specific moment. “That’s something that really resonates with me and sticks out with me,” he concludes.