Tim McGraw Reveals Own Song’s Message He Wanted to Hear, Gives Advice to Fans

by Joe Rutland

Country singer Tim McGraw keeps reminding himself that words are medicine. After all, he performed a song by that title back in 2014.

“Words Are Medicine” is a cut off of McGraw’s 2014 album “Sundown Heaven Town.” He appears to emphasize that it’s never too late to heal in a message on Twitter.

McGraw revisits this song and shares a message about it for himself and his fans.

This song was written by Tom Douglas, David Hodges, and Zac Malloy. Now the album itself reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Top Country Albums in the United States. This particular song wasn’t one of McGraw’s major hits.

Here are the first two verses of “Words Are Medicine.”

“For the light sleeper, the street sweeper
Promise breaker, promise keeper
The astronaut, the acrobat
The underdog who is coming back
Maybe you’re ed On Phonics or Mary Jane
Coca Cola or cocaine
We’re just a different kind of the same, yeah
Sticks and stones can break you

But words are medicine, words are medicine
When I’m black and blue, I’m broken and bruised
I hear your voice again
Words are medicine”

The remainder of this song’s lyrics mention people like the beautician, mortician, blind-sided, baptized, unforgiven, the girl lost in romance novels, and the guy who sees through whiskey goggles.

Throughout the song, the theme remains that words are medicine. They can either be a potion of healing and nurture, or they can cut and slash a person deep in their soul.

Tim McGraw hopes his words can be used to bring people together and not separate them from one another.

Tim McGraw Says He’s ‘Not Crazy’ About Social Media

So, after sending a message out through Twitter, a social media platform, Tim McGraw isn’t too caught up in being a fan of social media.

McGraw, back when his career started, focused on being an artist. He also had to do interviews and public appearances, but that was it. Today, though, artists are pushed to run different social media accounts while honing their craft. The space between performers and their fans has gotten much, much slimmer.

He recently admitted that social media usage isn’t his favorite part of the music business.

However, the country star says, “Social media I’m not crazy about but that’s part of what you have to do. And it’s been a learning art for me.”

He seems to be a quick learner, though. Artists have to stay on top of all the new trends to stay relevant. Fortunately, he understands this and rolls with the punches.

Tim McGraw knows about staying grounded in the dizzying glitz of the music business.

“All those other things you learn as you go along, and I try to learn as much as I can about it,” he said. “But basically, when it comes back to it it’s about the music to me.”