Tim McGraw Reveals Who His NFL Playoff Team Is After Tennessee Titans Lose to Baltimore Ravens

by Joe Rutland

Now that Tennessee is no longer in the NFL playoffs after losing to Baltimore, country music singer Tim McGraw needs a new team to cheer.

McGraw and his family were present for Sunday’s AFC Wild Card game in Nashville, only to see the Titans fall to the Lamar Jackson-led Ravens 20-13 and have their season end.

After the defeat, McGraw goes on Twitter and lets people know who he’s going to be following from here on out.

If you know anything about McGraw, then you’ll know he grew up in Louisiana. That’s a hint to which team he’s following now.

The New Orleans Saints were squaring off with the Chicago Bears in an NFC Wild Card game in New Orleans on Sunday afternoon. McGraw is hoping the Saints will advance into next week’s NFC divisional round.

Tim McGraw Sure Does Love His Louisiana Childhood

Tim McGraw has a deep love for his home state of Louisiana. Bring up LSU football, though, and he is always ready to shout, “Geaux Tigers!”

“Growing up in Louisiana we always had crawfish boils so we’d have crawfish boils, especially when I was in college,” McGraw said in an interview on the “Huuuge Show” podcast. “I went to college at Northeast Louisiana University, which is the University of Louisiana at Monroe now.

“But LSU was still the school we all rooted for, I mean that was our state school, and that was the school we all rooted for,” he said. “We made some trips down to Death Valley for some of those games. But I don’t remember too much from those games because of the tailgating that was going on.”

McGraw remembers turning up the TVs and inviting people over to watch the Tigers play.

“In college, my roommates and I lived right on a bayou and my roommate had a ski boat so we were skiing all the time,” he said. “So we would ski all Saturday, watch LSU’s football game, float kegs, have a crawfish boil. It was a good time back then.”

McGraw Says Wife Inspires Him To ‘Work Out Harder’

Being an athlete encourages a person to stay in shape. McGraw manages to do so regularly, but there are moments that cause him to push a little bit harder.

McGraw confesses to hitting the weights a little harder when Faith Hill cooks in the kitchen.

“When Faith’s cooking, I sort of work out harder that day when I know she’s cooking something good,” McGraw says. “So, I’ll try to earn it.”

The 53-year-old is working out more ahead of restarting his “Here on Earth Tour.” The tour was set to begin in July but got postponed because of the pandemic.

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