Tim McGraw Reveals Why He’s ‘Not Crazy’ About Social Media

by Clayton Edwards

Tim McGraw has been a fixture in the country music world since he dropped his first single thirty years ago. Since then, the world has changed immeasurably.

When McGraw’s career started, he could focus on being an artist. Sure, there were interviews and public appearances but that was about it. There was a separation between celebrities and their fans.

Artists today have to maintain multiple social media accounts while still doing everything that comes with their craft. Recently, McGraw said that social media isn’t his favorite part of the music business.

From the outside, it looks like Tim McGraw is pretty comfortable on social media. However, the country star says, “Social media I’m not crazy about but that’s part of what you have to do.  And it’s been a learning art for me.”

Luckily for McGraw, it seems like he’s a quick learner. With how fast the world is changing, artists have to stay on top of all the new trends to stay relevant. Fortunately, he understands this and rolls with the punches.

When you stop and think about all of the changes that have come along since Tim McGraw got his start, you see how well he adapts to things. Social media and streaming services are just the tip of the iceberg.

In the current business model, artists have to be on-brand constantly. Not only do they have to engage with their fans but they also have to promote their new releases and shows. Recent developments have caused musicians like McGraw to adopt a whole new set of skills. Streaming concerts are a new development that no one saw coming. At the same time, artists are expected to “shut up and sing” while commenting on current events just enough to keep their fans happy. It seems that the music business has gone from a long walk down a sometimes rocky road to a minefield. Any misstep could sink their career.

Tim McGraw Knows What’s Important

Tim McGraw doesn’t get bogged down by all of the lightning-fast changes in the business. In fact, he stays pretty grounded. On this, he said, “All those other things you learn as you go along, and I try to learn as much as I can about it, but basically, when it comes back to it it’s about the music to me.”

Tim McGraw also knows that it’s important to be consistent as an artist, “Knowing who you are as an artist and knowing what you do well, and even more importantly, knowing what you don’t do well, that’s the consistency that you have.” This self-awareness has allowed him to remain consistent over his three decades in the music business, even if the business has been anything but consistent.

Tim McGraw may not be crazy about social media but a look at his accounts shows that he has learned how to use it effectively. At the same time, listening to his music reveals that he has remained true to himself through all the changes.