Tim McGraw Shares Behind-the-Scenes Footage from His ‘7500 OBO’ Video Starring Daughter Audrey

by Courtney Blackann

After Tim McGraw released his song “7500 OBO” to the world, he then announced to the world that his youngest daughter Audrey would be the music video’s star.

After getting permission from wife Faith Hill, McGraw said he went ahead and asked Audrey herself.

This week, he shared some special behind the scenes moments of the making of his new video.

While the song is written from a guy’s perspective with lyrics that largely encapsulate a heartbroken teen, McGraw loved the idea of switching the perspective for the video.

“I just think it’s so cool to have that twist,” McGraw said in the clip he released on Twitter.

McGraw teased with a photo of his daughter on Instagram saying he was proud she would be starring in the video.

“Couldn’t be more thrilled to have my youngest daughter, Audrey, play the lead role in the music video for #7500OBO!!!” McGraw captioned the photo on Instagram. The two are seen smiling amid a backdrop of a dusty field and an old truck.

The 19-year-old has done a little modeling here and there, McGraw said. She was seen by producers of the video and they thought it would be really neat to have her be a part of that video.

McGraw said it was really neat to see her take the role and perform in the grown up setting for the video.

Tim McGraw’s Daughter and “Nerve-Wracking” Kissing Scene

It’s probably not easy for any dad to watch his little girl share a kiss with her love interest – even if it’s just acting.

In the music video, Audrey has a small scene where she has to lock lips with another actor. The good-hearted dad said it was not easy to watch his daughter performing in that way. But McGraw was a good sport about the whole thing.

“I tried to yell ‘cut!’ but I didn’t get there quick enough,” he jokes of the nerve-wracking scene. “It’s not easy for a dad to watch, I can tell you that. I’m not going to beat him up. I guess I’ll let him slide on this one.”

The “Something Like That” singer debuted his new video last week on his official Youtube channel. Following the premier, the singer held an exclusive interview with some behind the scenes looks at the setting of the shoot, along with answering some questions about bringing Audrey on board.

Thousands of fans tuned in for the premier. Both the song and video have been huge successes for the McGraws thus far.