Tim McGraw Speaks on How He Felt Hearing Taylor’s Swift Song Named After Him for First Time

by Courtney Blackann

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan, you can pinpoint the moment the young, curly-haired blonde released her debut ballad “Tim McGraw”. It pretty much captured the country world by storm. The sweet melody of heartbreak and love centered on another country phenom: the one and only Tim McGraw.

And he has a lot to say about the song fifteen years later. While Swift was just burgeoning on a career at 15-years-old, McGraw had secured his place in the world of country music.

“But when you think Tim McGraw/I hope you think my favorite song/ the one we danced to all night long/ the moon like a spotlight on the lake,” the chorus of the song goes.

The tribute came from a young Swift, who was obviously a major fan of the country star and wanted to incorporate him into her debut album.

Swift wrote the song while she was in math class one day. Little did she know it would be the hit that would boost her to superstardom and kickstart a long career of No. 1 records.

Tim McGraw Shares Praises for Swift

This also impressed McGraw. To this day, the “Something Like That” singer shares his thoughts about when he first heard the song.

“The first time I heard that song was the demo of it,” McGraw said in an interview. “At first I was like, ‘Man, have I gotten to that point in my career where people are writing songs with my name in the title? What does that mean? Does that mean that I’ve sort of like, I’ve jumped the shark already?'”

McGraw continued, saying:

“Then I heard that she had written it in math class when she was like 14 years old, so that made me feel a little bit better that she had written it so young. I was honored, and I’m still honored by that song.

I still think that Taylor’s just one of those rare, rare artists that come along. She’s so incredible and I’m a huge fan of Taylor’s. Everybody at our house is.She’s been beautiful and wonderful to our family and we think the world of her so, right on Taylor, congratulations.”

Both Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift have collaborated on music together since her first single. They’ve performed at the 2013 CMA’s while also recording “The Highway Don’t Care”. It’s safe to say that while Taylor Swift has since blossomed into a powerhouse artist, with a diverse range of hits, the artists share a mutual respect for one another.

Additionally, McGraw has recently taken on new projects with the launch of the “Yellowstone” spin-off “1883”. Both he and wife Faith Hill will be starring as the original Duttons in another Taylor Sheridan original.