Toby Keith Challenges Fans to ‘Old School’ Video Competition

by Samantha Whidden

Country legend Toby Keith took to his TikTok account to challenge his fans to an ‘Old School’ video competition. 

“Things that make me ‘Old School’: Had a mullet; Still crank up classic country; You turn!” Toby Keith states in the TikTok video. He also writes on Twitter, “Head on over to @TikTok and make a video about what makes YOU #OldSchool using #OldSchoolTrend and Toby might just duet your video!”

Fans responded to the TikTok post. One writes, “I get emotional when I see the American Flag. I sing our National Anthem with honor. Back the Blue, thanking every First Responder, and military folks.”

Another fan then adds, “Still hold the door open for the next person no matter who they are.”

Toby Keith Talks ‘Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue’ Reactions

In a March 2018 interview with AZ Central, Toby Keith discusses his country anthem Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue as well as the reactions it received. “I’ve never been political. I thought was cool to support the military,” he explains. Keith then says you can’t go out and support the military in Afghanistan or you get all the right-wing “checkmarks.” 

“Well, I’m just gonna take ‘em. Mark me down. Just check me off however you want to check me off,” Toby Keith states. He also says that the criticism against him never stopped or disheartened him. He then reveals that American Soldier also received as much “grief” as Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue and his other single Beer for My Horses. 

Toby Keith further shares, “You know, people are gonna hate and you’ve just gotta let it roll. I just don’t ask anybody I don’t know to do anything with me. 

Toby Keith Discusses His USO Tour Performances 

Also during the AZ Central interview, Toby Keith discusses his performances during the USO Tours. “I’m so blessed that was my way of giving back. It was my full intention of doing it for a year or two. And the USO convinced me,” Toby explained. He says that the USO organizers stated at the time that he would will a huge void in the tours. 

Toby Keith also notes that if singers perform on the USO Tours today, they will get “hammered” in the media. “You support the military, you voted right-wing your whole life,” he comments. Keith says that the military has been really good to him. “They don’t get drafted by the government. They volunteer. And when the government asks them to go to something, they go.”

Keith goes on to add that he has tremendous respect and admiration for the servicemen’s valor and they left a mark on him. “So the rest of that stuff doesn’t matter.”