Toby Keith Posts Video from Golf Tournament with Hilarious Song in Background

by Josh Lanier

Toby Keith is taking part in the celebrity tournament at the Diamond Resort LPGA Tournament of Champions through Jan. 24. And just to make sure everyone is clear at Keith’s ability on the links, he posted an Instagram showing off his skills.

However, the song he chose to play over top of his driving range performance undersells his abilities. That’s because he went with his ode to the sport called “Sh***ty Golfer” about his struggles to perform. Moreover, the lyrics read like an amateur golfer’s diary.

I’m a s****y golfer, you can ask my wife
I’ve been out there hackin’ every day of my life
I got the shorts and all the plaid sweaters
And that new Taylormade driver didn’t make me any better
Man I hit ‘em bad and I hit ‘em thin
I roll them in the bunkers man I hit ‘em again

Slice ‘em in the bushes, crack ‘em in a creek
I pop that sucker up and hook it out in the street
Yeah, I’m 245 right down the middle
And I miss the green to the left just a little
Chili dip a wedge and put it all together
Hit that son of a bitch right up there in the leather
And if you call that good then let me press on the side
You can put me down for a five

Hey I’m a s****y golfer, most of us are
We carry our clubs in the back of our car
What else you going to do, you’re out of town
And you need to waste a whole day and shoot another round
Then I’ve played Augusta and I’ve played Pebble Beach
And one time at Sawgrass I shot 83
If I live long enough to be 88 I think I’ll celebrate it by shooting my age

Several celebrities and former athletes are taking part in the event. Check out the full list of participants here.

Toby Keith Claims He’s ‘Golf Challenged’

Toby Keith loves to play golf. But like most golfers, the sport doesn’t love them back. Because many people spend their free time on the golf course in sheer agony waiting for that handful of decent strikes of the ball each round. Though, Toby Keith is no exception.

“It’s the most difficult sport to repeat over and over again successfully,” he explained to Golf Digest. “I mean, a quarterback can go out and throw 30 for 40 this week, go 28 for 42 the next week throw 32 for 40 the next week, go to the Super Bowl [and] win. Golfers don’t win every week, they just can’t. You’ve gotta duplicate that thing so many times. There’s so much mechanics that goes into it. It’s just tough.”

But that challenge is the draw.