Trace Adkins Reveals Story Behind Title Track of His New Album ‘The Way I Wanna Go’

by Amy Myers

Trace Adkins doesn’t want you to prop him up beside a jukebox or lay him down on a bed of roses. In his latest song, “The Way I Wanna Go,” he details how exactly he would like his loved ones to send him off to his next life.

At just 59 years old, we hope that Trace Adkins isn’t planning on “going” anywhere for a long time. With his goose-bump raising, baritone voice, the legend makes mastering country music look easy, though very few can bring the same heart and grit to music as Adkins can. Over the course of 25 years, the country singer has released 10 studio albums, from Dreamin’ Out Loud to The Way I Wanna Go, as well as two Greatest Hits compilations.

He’s also received several awards for his work in the industry. Only a year after his first album’s release, he won the ACM award for New Male Artist of the Year. In 2009, Trace Adkins won the ACM award for Singer of the Year with his iconic song, “You’re Gonna Miss This.” The following year, he brought home two new awards from the ACM and CMA for his song, “Hillbilly Bone.”

Now, with his latest album, Adkins is bringing that same genuine lyrics and heartfelt emotion that have secured his fame and recognition in the past. Take a look at what Trace Adkins says inspired his performance of the title track “The Way I Wanna Go.”

Trace Adkins Explains that Brothers Osborne Were ‘Not Old Enough’ For New Song

We find out that Trace Adkins decided to sing this new song instead of its writers, Brothers Osborne. This isn’t because of any form of pecking order or seniority. In actuality, the duo and Adkins often collaborate on each other’s songs and albums, since TJ Osborne has a similarly deep voice. However, Adkins did believe he was the better contender for these lyrics, not because of talent, but because of age.

“With this song, I just don’t think they’re old enough to sing this song,” Trace Adkins shared during an interview. “It needs to be done by a guy who’s, you know, my age.”

Just because Adkins didn’t write the song himself doesn’t mean he doesn’t connect with the lyrics. In fact, Adkins made the hit song his title track of the new album because he identified with the significance so much.

“If I never went in the studio and recorded another song, this would be the one that I’d like to end with,” Trace Adkins explained. “It encapsulates how I feel at the place that I’m at in my life and my career.”

Listen to his new album, The Way I Wanna Go, here.