Travis Tritt Calls Out ‘Hypocrites’ Amid 2020 Election Turmoil

by Matthew Wilson

Travis Tritt is calling out Joe Biden supporters and Democrats. The country singer shared his thoughts on a prolonged presidential election. Tritt labeled Biden supporters as “hypocrites” for accusing Donald Trump supporters of being divisive.

He wrote, “Have you noticed that many Biden supporters who accused Trump supporters of being divisive are making some of the most divisive statements now? Hypocrites!”

Travis Tritt Accused the Media of Showing Favoritism During the Election

A proud Trump supporter himself, Tritt has been vocal about politics on Twitter. He pointed out what he perceived as a media bias against the president and his supporters. People criticized the singer for remarks he made against Fox News during the election.

Tritt accused the media outlet of showing favoritism to Biden during the election results. The outlet reported Arizona for Biden before officials gathered all the votes. The state remains a key battleground state in the days since. Tritt said he was changing the channel.

He wrote, “No matter what the final results are tonight, one thing is extremely clear. @FoxNews can no longer claim to be the fair and balanced network they once were. There are a lot of biased hacks there now and a ton of folks are noticing. It’s now @newsmax for me for election results.”

While some followers criticized his political affiliation, Tritt didn’t seem to care. He defended himself against the criticism. The singer commented, “If you stop listening because of who I support politically, you were never a fan to start with.”

Through the platform, Tritt continues to voice his support for Trump and his views on politics. The singer previously made it known prior to the election who he planned to vote for. He said he feels that Republicans preserved his freedoms and rights.