Travis Tritt Celebrates the Return of Live Music with Concert Videos of ‘It’s a Great Day To Be Alive’ and ‘Smoke in a Bar’

by Clayton Edwards

Most years, summer is full of live music. However, last year was a little different. Everything shut down including bars and larger venues. So, the return of concerts makes this summer feel a little more special. In fact, it seems like just about every active band under the sun is on the road. After all, we’ve all waited over a year to get together and feel the magic of live music. So, fans and artists alike have been chomping at the bit for concerts to come back. Travis Tritt is no exception to that. He hit the road as soon as he could. Since then, Tritt has been playing shows all over the country.

Travis Tritt dropped his first new studio album in over a decade back in May. So, that’s just one more reason for the 90s country icon to be ready to get back on the road. At the same time, Tritt knows that there is no thrill in the world like standing in front of a crowd and belting out hit after hit.

Late last night, Travis Tritt took to his Instagram to share his gratitude about being back on the road. At the same time, he shared two great live clips. The clips encompass two decades of great country music. The first is his 2000 hit “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive,” from Down the Road I Go. The second is “Smoke in a Bar,” from his latest release Set in Stone. Check them out below.

In the caption, Travis Tritt talks briefly about why he loves playing live shows. Keeping it short and sweet, the country icon says, “There is no way to describe the thrill I get from entertaining an audience.” From the sound of the crowd in the videos, it seems that that thrill is mutual.

Travis Tritt Talks About “Smoke in a Bar”

One thing that Travis Tritt has proved time and again is that he knows how to write songs that resonate with his audience. He has been doing it for decades. With his most recent album, Tritt showed that he hasn’t lost his touch. He knew “Smoke in a Bar,” would hit home with his fans.

About this, he said that many people contacted him talking about how much they missed the old days of country music. At the same time, he knew that many were using nostalgia to cope with the chaos that was 2020. A global pandemic combined with social upheaval created a perfect storm that everyone wanted to escape from. Sometimes, the only way to do that is to look back to a time when life was simpler.

Travis Tritt does just that in “Smoke in a Bar.” In fact, Set in Stone feels nostalgic as a whole. About escaping through nostalgia, Tritt said, “That’s what the song talks about and I think there are a lot of people that are nostalgic for a different time. A different era. And this song speaks to all the people that believe that way.”