Travis Tritt Drops ‘Fabulous’ Photos From Florida Concert

by Clayton Edwards

The country is opening back up and things are getting back to normal in many ways. One of those signs of normality is the return of live music. After a year of canceled dates, live stream concerts, and missing the communal spiritual experience of hearing music in its rawest form, we’re gathering again. Currently, some of country music’s brightest stars are hitting the road and doing what they do best. Travis Tritt is among those who are out there thrilling crowds and he couldn’t be happier about it.

In fact, you won’t catch Travis Tritt taking this opportunity for granted any time soon. He has been updating his social media followers and thanking his fans after every show. So, those of us who can’t make it out to catch a concert can still enjoy a fraction of the thrills. At the very least, we can live vicariously through Tritt’s social media posts.

Last night, Travis Tritt played the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts as part of their months-long Frontyard Festival. Keeping his recent tradition alive, Tritt posted a handful of photos as well as a video to his social media accounts. Check out his Instagram post below to see some of the action.

The post contains a series of photos. My personal favorite, though, is the third one in the series. In that photo, you can see Travis Tritt’s “guitar face.” That’s the face a guitarist makes while they’re really into their playing. It’s a look that is equal parts concentration, exertion, and elation. However, the best part of this post is, undoubtedly, the video at the end. In the video, you can see a clip of Tritt playing his 1996 hit “Where Corn Don’t Grow.”

Travis Tritt’s ‘Where Corn Don’t Grow,’ Is Timeless

“Where Corn Don’t Grow,” is one of those songs that applies to every generation. It speaks to a fundamental difference between the wanderlust of youth and the settled wisdom that comes with age and experience. Put simply, it’s a musical version of a conversation that just about every child has had with their parents at one time or another.

The song has a pretty solid history as well. Roger Murrah penned the tune. Murrah has written a laundry list of great country songs. For instance, he co-wrote “Don’t Rock the Jukebox,” with Alan Jackson. The first artist to cut the tune was Waylon Jennings. He released it as a single from his 1990 album The Eagle. However, he didn’t see much chart success with it. Six years later, Travis Tritt cut “Where Corn Don’t Grow” on The Restless Kind and took the song to number six on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It has gone on to become a favorite among Tritt’s fans.