Trisha Yearwood Gushes About What it Was Like Being in the 90s Country Scene: ‘The Best Memories’

by Taylor Cunningham

Back in the 90s, Trisha Yearwood was the sweetheart of country music. The three-time Grammy winner found immediate stardom after her very first single, She’s in Love With the Boy, hit the number 1 spot on country charts.

Recently, Yearwood sat down with Taste of County to talk about her 30th career anniversary. During her conversation, she told them what it was like being in the 90s country scene.

“I mean, it was amazing. Because, for me, I’d been wanting to be a singer and on the radio since I was five years old,” she said. “So this was my dream since I was a little kid, so to pack your bag and be on the bus at midnight and go all over the country, and then all over the world, and sing — are you kidding me? [Laughs]”

So what made the 90s so special for her and her legion of country fans? According to Yearwood, it was when country music made its greatest comeback. And she gives her husband, Garth Brooks, props for his particular contributions.

“The ’90s was such a great resurgence of country music. It’s when SoundScan came to be, it’s when Garth … he really did kind of take country music to a huge audience, and it was country music — he didn’t change his music to be something different. He had a crazy show, but the music was country,” she swooned.

“It was a good time to be an artist. I mean, I did more shows in a year than I’ve ever done in my life. You’re gone, so, you know, [my] personal life suffered, my dog suffered, but the experience that you’ve dreamed your whole life for … Those are the best memories that I’ll have for a lifetime.”

Trisha Yearwood Said Her Fist Single Was ‘Baptism by Fire’

Trisha Yearwood continued to celebrate three decades in country music by posting a throwback picture on Instagram.

In the photo, we see a baby-faced Yearwood singing her breakout hit She’s in Love With The Boy.

“30 years ago today, this girl got her first #1 record. Oh, the places she’ll go,” she captioned. “Thank you all for taking this journey with me, Katie and Tommy. xo #KatieandTommyForever.”

And while Yearwood ended up becoming one of country’s greatest stars, she admitted that her successful first hit was a “baptism by fire.”

“Because my first single went to No. 1, it was a really great kind of baptism by fire – but the opposite pressure then is to not be a trivia question,” she admitted. She said it was a struggle to hold her spot at the top and not become a one-hit-wonder—especially as a female artist.

“A woman’s not really going to headline. Okay, okay Reba – all right, Reba did it. Reba really paved the way for us as women to sell tickets…headline their own tours,” she said. “But what I learned from Reba was, you don’t go, ‘oh, well, poor me, I’m a girl in this industry,’ she continued. “You just work. And Reba is the queen… you just work twice as hard, and that’s just what you do.”