Trisha Yearwood Opens Up on How Success of ‘She’s In Love with the Boy’ Was a ‘Baptism by Fire’

by Jonathan Howard

There aren’t many artists that can say their first single topped the charts. Trisha Yearwood can though, and she didn’t stop there. After a career working for country music record labels, the artist found her first deal. That first single, She’s in Love With the Boy, took the charts by storm. She wouldn’t stop there, though.

While it could have easily turned into a one-hit-wonder-type situation, Yearwood wouldn’t have it. She sent three other singles from her self-titled album to the top-10 of the charts. That same album went to No. 2 on the country albums chart. The rest is pretty much history. However, there was a time when she didn’t know what kind of success her other songs would have. Or if she would ever have a chart-topping record again, for that matter.

She discussed the feeling of having a chart-topper for her first single. A “baptism by fire,” in her words to Taste of Country.

“Because my first single went to No. 1, it was a really great kind of baptism by fire – but the opposite pressure then is to not be a trivia question,” she explained. With that kind of pressure, it can be an issue for artists that find such quick success.

As for Trisha Yearwood’s personal feelings about finding success as a female country music artist, there was always pressure. Radio stations were not going to play women nearly as much and as far as headlining in the 1990s, that was for few women in country.

“‘A woman’s not really going to headline. Okay, okay Reba – all right, Reba did it. Reba really paved the way for us as women to sell tickets…headline their own tours,” Yearwood explained. That road paved the way for Yearwood herself to top the chart multiple times.

Trisha Yearwood Supported By Garth Brooks

Everyone knows that Trisha Yearwood and her husband Garth Brooks are just about the most powerful couple power-couple in country music. During the years they have been side-by-side and supported each other through hard times and good. Recently, Yearwood went through a very scary and intense time. When she contracted COVID-19 she wasn’t sure what might happen.

With concerns about lung damage and a multitude of other complications, she said she was lucky to have a “mild” case. “We were lucky that COVID didn’t go into our lungs,” she said to PEOPLE about the experience. However, no matter how hard times got during her illness, Brooks was by her side. But, the issue with that is giving him the virus as well.

“He would not stay away from me. I’m like, ‘Dude, I cannot be responsible for giving Garth Brooks COVID,” she said. That didn’t stop the country legend from being by his wife’s side. It is a love story that doesn’t seem real but the two have proved over and over they are the real deal.