Trisha Yearwood Opens Up on the ‘Struggle’ of Balancing Desires of Success and Making Music She Loves

by Courtney Blackann

Trisha Yearwood needs no introduction. She has a career spanning three decades with number one hits up the wazoo. She’s not only been a huge influence on the shape of country music in the 90s but she’s also been a staple of grace and modesty.

These things aren’t easy to accomplish – or balance – with personal life and other endeavors taking over. Though there’s a certain grace that comes with age, there’s also a stigma in the country world about staying relevant.

Even Taylor Swift, who’s still in the prime of her career, talked about having to constantly reinvent herself in the music business to stay relevant. So, unsurprisingly, Yearwood feels the weight of this unsurmountable pressure when it comes to making new music.

Yearwood Talks Quality Versus Success

And while the “She’s in Love With the Boy” singer has nothing to prove to anyone, she still wants to produce good music.

So how does she balance her desire to be successful while recording quality music? It isn’t as simple as it may sound.

The singer recently opened up to A Taste of Country to discuss this weighted topic.

“Yeah, it’s tough, because there’s a lot of pushback on older artists wanting to still be current. And if you can be, if the songs are there — if they’re not there, cool, but if the song is there, let people decide, you know? Play it enough,” Yearwood said in the interview.

“This goes back to the female thing: It’s like, “Okay, well, you’re going to play the song, and you’re going to research it, but you’re going to play it twice at three o’clock in the morning” [laughs]. So the 10 people that heard it liked it. But you don’t have enough time for me to talk about what I think about all that …”

The singer further quipped that having to “fight” so hard to get regular play in a competitive industry just doesn’t seem like something she wants to do.

“You have to get to a place in your life where you have to appreciate what you have and try not to control the things you don’t really have control over. But as an artist … you don’t want to say your time is over,” Yearwood said.

Trisha Yearwood’s Second Act

Furthermore, Yearwood’s talents extend beyond her vocal cords. The singer has curated a successful cookbook selection and show since 2012. She’s set to release a new cookbook in September.

The country music celebrity is also super supportive of husband and fellow country legend Garth Brooks. The pair have been married since 2005. Brooks recently canceled his Stadium Tour, however, he’s already planning a part deux act to his Dive Bar tour which first operated in 2019.

Yearwood expressed her love and support for Brooks’ good fight when it comes to staying relevant in this decade.

“I just wish they would let the vast majority of the public decide, because I also live with a guy who, I watch the fight at radio and if a song goes to No. 1, it’s been a real fight. And it’s Garth Brooks, and the music is great, and, by the way, 60,000 people want to come see him perform, so the guy’s still got the goods …,” Yearwood said.