Trisha Yearwood Won’t Let a Little Rain Stop Her Hike with Pups During National Dog Week

by Jennifer Shea

It’s National Dog Week, and country star Trisha Yearwood has been taking her canine companions out for some fun in a local creek.

“A little rain won’t stop us from getting our hike in! Happy #NationalDogWeek!” Yearwood tweeted Tuesday.

National Dog Week Is the Last Week of September

National Dog Week runs from Sept. 20 to Sept. 26. During that time, dog lovers like Trisha Yearwood celebrate their pups and, hopefully, help educate the public about their canine friends.

The week began in 1928 after a group of sportsmen and dog fanatics decided to launch a national educational campaign for better care of dogs, according to Zoom Room. The founders of National Dog Week wanted to educate dog owners from all socioeconomic groups, not just the relatively affluent denizens of breed clubs.

The founders’ charter listed seven concrete goals: 1) A safe home for every dog. 2) No dogs on the street. 3) More knowledgeable dog owners. 4) Kindness to dogs and all animals. 5) Emphasis on the dog as companion and protector. 6) Fair laws for dogs and dog owners. 7) Respect for the rights of non-dog owners.

They even had their own slogan: “A dog is the only true love money can buy.”

Trisha Yearwood Reveals Story Behind an Earlier Hit

Meanwhile, when she’s not busy singing, hosting her own cooking show or taking the dogs for a walk, Yearwood has been granting interviews. And in a recent one, she revealed the interesting story behind one of her earlier hits, “Walkaway Joe.”

“Walkaway Joe’ was one of those songs that the Judds actually had on hold,” she told the podcast “I Miss…90s Country Radio With Nick Hoffman” on Apple Music Country. “And then the Judds went through that breakup because Naomi was ill and they disbanded, basically, and Wynonna was getting ready to embark on a solo career. So all of the songs the Judds had on hold went back into the pool, and ‘Walkaway Joe’ is one of those songs.”

“Walkaway Joe” was the second single off Yearwood’s 1992 album Hearts in Armor, and it vaulted to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Obscure fact: According to Taste of Country, the music video for “Walkaway Joe” included a then-unknown actor named Matthew McConaughey.

While McConaughey no doubt contributed to the song’s reception in some ways, Yearwood ultimately credits Don Henley with the song’s success. In an uncharacteristic moment of boldness, she had invited him to sing harmony on the track.

“I think that was the thing that made it… you know, kind of took it over the top,” she said.