Turnpike Troubadours Music Featured in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot

by Joe Rutland

The Turnpike Troubadours and their fans were surprised by hearing its music featured in the reboot of famed TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger.”

What’s so surprising about it is “Walker,” which can be seen on The CW, is based this time out of Austin, Texas, which is the state capitol, and not Dallas. The Troubadours are a group based out of Oklahoma. But there is hope that other Austin-area groups could be featured in future episodes.

Troubadours fans actually heard the band’s song “The Hard Way” in the background of a scene at a bar. That song comes off of the group’s 2017 album release, “A Long Way From Your Heart.”

The new “Walker” is played by Austin resident Jared Padalecki, who also fills the role of executive producer on the show, too.

The Austin music scene has gone through some tough times in the past few years, far beyond bands not being able to play due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Rising property taxes in prime real estate locations have caused clubs to close their doors. This means fewer places for Austin-based musicians to perform before audiences.

Yet there might be a glimmer of hope that “Walker” can feature more Austin groups on its upcoming episodes.

In the first episode, Austin rock bands White Denim, Chill Russell, and The Mammoths were among a number of them featured.

Troubadours Find Themselves Currently Taking A Break

Those fans of the Turnpike Troubadours have been wondering when new music would be coming out of the band. They have been on hiatus for an extended period of time.

News about band members and their activities has been few and far between. Last August, Evan Felker made an announcement that he had found sobriety from substance abuse. Also, fiddler Kyle Nix released a record with other bandmates sans Felker.

Beyond that, though, fans remain patiently waiting for news of the next Troubadours album. They’ll also be awaiting news on when the band will be returning to the road for live performances.

In the meantime, fans can hopefully tune into “Walker” and see if their favorite band’s music is featured in future episodes.

There is good news regarding the show’s initial episode. Its ratings were really strong.”

“Walker” drew a whopping 2.43 million total viewers for its Thursday night premiere. That CW timeslot had its largest audience in more than four years. The superhero drama “Legends of Tomorrow” from December 2016 held the previous mark for that time.

With good music and solid numbers, it looks like “Walker” might be around on The CW for a bit.

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