Tyler Farr Reveals How He Creates ‘Ideal Habitat’ to Keep Deer on His Property

by Quentin Blount

Country music star Tyler Farr recently shared on Buck Commander how he has created the perfect habitat to keep deer on his property.

Farr has spent a lot of time to make his farm into the perfect retreat for deer. He says that there’s no reason deer need to leave his property once they arrive. “They have everything they need right here.”

The country singer says he started out with 34 acres, but he’s now up to 200. He made the realization early on that he was battling with surrounding hunters for the trophy deer in their area. And because they like to travel around a lot during the rut, he needed to show them that there was an incentive to stick around on his property.

“That’s what we try to do in creating the perfect habitat for these Tennessee bucks,” Farr says. “After all the hard work we’ve put into this place we’re finally starting to see the benefits of it. It’s starting to pay off.”

The top target on Farr’s hit list is a nine-point buck. They’ve caught a lot of nice bucks on camera as you can see in the video footage below.

This is an older nine-point, and he’s taken the position as number one position on the hit list,” Farr explains in the video. “This is an older deer — a mature, dominant buck — and he needs to be killed.”

Watch the entire 15-minute video below:

Tyler Farr Gets First Kill on His Property

Farr had quite the back-and-forth with the buck he had on his hit list. He says that his brother-from-another-mother, The Hunt Club’s Phillip Culpepper, made a trip to his farm to help him “put some brown on the ground.”

“That’s what he had in mind when he came up here,” Farr says. “He got real close. I mean as close as you can get to shooting this nine-pointer but no lock. I had to head back to Georgia and by the time [Culpepper] left, this joker had ghosted us. He is nowhere to be found.”

Fast forward to three months later near the end of the rut, and Farr says the buck is still nowhere to be found. He would go out to the blind day after day, with no luck, but he didn’t lose hope.

“I haven’t shot a deer on my property yet,” he explains. “So I’m gonna do what any person in my position is gonna do and that’s just to keep on huntin’ ’cause ya ain’t gonna kill ’em inside.”

The video captures some hilarious footage of Tyler Farr spending his time in the deer blind. He can be seen munching on snacks, making phone calls, making jokes, and at times, losing his patience. His experience is all too real and will surely relate to other hunters around the country.

And while Farr hadn’t seen the nine-point buck he was after in some time, something in the air told him that any day could be the day. He was right. The buck appeared back on camera and a couple of mornings later, Farr was able to “put some brown on the ground.”

After making the kill, he bumped fists with his partner in the blind saying, “that’s how you hunt right there.”