Tyler Hubbard, Tim McGraw Joke About McGraw’s ‘Iconic Acting’ in ‘Four Christmases’

by Kayla Zadel

Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard have teamed up on a recent single, but music isn’t the only thing these two are talking about.

In an interview on “The Bobby Bones Show,” one of the hosts of the show asks Hubbard to cast himself in one of the movies that McGraw has been in, “Friday Night Lights,” “The Blindside,” or “Four Christmases.”

“I would probably chubbier brother in ‘Four Christmases’, “Hubbard says laughingly. “That’s probably what I’d rock. I would actually play that character.” McGraw and Hubbard must have a good relationship since Tyler is poking fun at McGraw’s weight in the movie.

“It would be tough to be chubbier that me in that movie,” McGraw jokes with his new collaborator.

Tim McGraw Has Never Seen ‘Four Christmases’

Shockingly enough, the country music star has never seen himself in this Christmas movie. McGraw chalks it up to be insecure with himself and the way he looked when the movie was filmed.

“I’ve never seen ‘Four Christmases.’ Never seen it. I saw the trailer and I’m like, ‘Oh, I’m never, I can’t look at myself like that for an hour and a half, two hours, heck no,’ ” McGraw explains to Country Now. “I don’t even like to hear myself, much less look at myself.”

“Maybe one day when I get a little more confidence with myself,” he says he’ll finally watch the movie. Hubbard might not be helping the matter with his next comment.

“Tim and I had just got out of the studio and I was like I forgot Tim was in ‘Four Christmases,’ and then it took me a second to even realize that was Tim and I was like that is amazing. He’s literally an iconic actor as well.”

McGraw responds with, “Yeah, there was some iconic acting going on in there.”

All joking set aside, the Louisiana native took the role seriously. So much so, he did gain 25 pounds to play the character.

“The funny thing about this movie was it was an amateur UFC Cage fighter, and you see ’em on TV and they’re all cut and muscular,” Tim McGraw told GAC in 2008. “But I thought this guy is a redneck amateur, so it’s not gonna be guys that look like that, that’s back there doing it. So I thought I’ll look like a strong guy, but a little overweight and kinda backyard, a having-a-few-beers-and-jump-in-the-cage sort of guy. And I show up and Favreau is a pretty big guy, and he had been working out like crazy, so he was all cut and svelte and everything else. So I show up and I’m the fat guy on the set.”

Christmas Role Leads to McGraw’s Lifestyle Change

Sometimes all is takes is one person saying something that inspires change. In this case, it was Tim McGraw’s daughter that approached him after she saw “Four Christmases.”

She told him “he looked bigger” in the film, and that’s all it took. Since then, McGraw has adopted a different lifestyle by exercising and eating healthier. He started with walking for 20-minutes a day and worked up to where he is now. McGraw often shows off his fit physique on social media.

Furthermore, Tim McGraw makes it a point to work out on the road.