Video: Garth Brooks Plays Hilarious Game of ‘Make It Rain’ on Ellen Degeneres Show

by Matthew Wilson

Garth Brooks wants to “make it rain” on The Ellen Degeneres Show. The country artist took over as host of the show for an episode on Nov. 13. He had a very specific game in mind. Contestants could either be showered in cash or freezing water.

“I asked the people on the Ellen Show if it would be possible to play a game today,” Brooks said. “Maybe one where the prize is money. And maybe that money comes down from the sky like rain. And they said, ‘Garth, you got it.’ People let’s play make it rain.”

Garth Brooks Asked A Series of Trivia Questions

Two lucky contestants (or unlucky given how much water they were doused in) joined Brooks on stage. They competed against each other for a cash prize of $5000. According to the game’s rules, the contestants answered pieces of trivia. For each question, they answered right they could pull an umbrella handle. Behind one umbrella was the cash prize. And within the rest? Buckets of freezing water.

Brooks reminded viewers that both contestants tested negative for COVID-19 before appearing on the show. He asked them various questions about superstitions and cowboy attire. He also asked them questions based on his song titles “Friends in Low Places” and “The Thunder Rolls.”

A Shower of Cash Declared the Winner

But the question that stumped both contestants was hilarious. Neither could guess Wayne’s sidekick’s name from the comedy Wayne’s World. Even after, Brooks gave them the biggest hint.

“What is the name of Wayne’s sidekick in Wayne’s World?” Brooks said. “Let me give you a hint. My name is Garth.”

“Brooks,” one contestant blurted out. But the singer shook his head before giving the other contestant an attempt to steal.

“I’m shooting in the dark. Is it Garth?” she asked hesitantly. The country singer laughed and confirmed she got the question correct. The contestant then pulled the umbrella handle as thousands of dollars showered her.

The contestant who missed the question is probably kicking herself for missing the obvious answer.