VIDEO: Kane Brown Takes Tumble Off Stage, Hurts Ankle

by Amy Myers

He didn’t stick the landing, but he’s still okay! Kane Brown fell off the stage while performing live in Tennessee on Saturday, injuring his ankle. Brown performed at the FedEx Forum in Memphis in front of a stadium full of adoring fans. Just as the next song started to play, the country star took a tumble while trying to navigate between the different platforms on stage. He tried to recover from the slip in the moment but had to jump off to assess his injury. Immediately, security crowded around the star, ready to escort him backstage.

All the while, the band continued to play the next song, unsure if Kane Brown would be able to continue on. Finally, they cut the track, noticing that the singe was in severe pain. The country star took a few moments away from the audience before returning to the microphone. Despite the pain, Brown carried on with the performance, dedicated to the fans that showed up for him.

Radio host Erin Austin posted a clip of the accident on the Memphis stage.

Several videos surfaced that showed Kane Brown bent over in pain as he continued singing. Following the concert, Brown posted a video update of his ankle on Instagram, assuring Memphis fans that he would be okay. But the baseball-sized swelling on his leg seemed to tell a different story. One person reposted the clip to Twitter, adding “@kanebrown you just had a birthday man, you’re not as young as you used to be! Just wait until you hit 30, and maybe have a few more kids Seriously though, hope you heal fast!”

Fans Send Kane Brown Hopeful Messages of Healing Following Accident

Of course, Memphis fans were thrilled that Kane Brown decided to continue the concert, but they still worried about his alarmingly swollen ankle. They showed their appreciation for the country star on Twitter, while also encouraging him to get a prescription for some much-needed and well-deserved R&R.

“#KaneBrown showed the true definition of the show must go on tonight at his #MEMPHIS show. He had an unfortunate fall but completed his entire show while holding it all together pushing through the pain of a possible sprained ankle. His perseverance is unmatched @kanebrown,” one fan wrote.

“@kanebrown thank you so much for gut wrenching performance tonight. We r sorry u got hurt. Speedy recovery. #KaneBrown,” another shared.

Still, the country star promised fans that the show will, indeed, go on. His next stop is at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Kane Brown calmed any fears from fans on Twitter that about the show’s cancellation. However, fans can likely expect the singer to be a bit more stationary in his next few performances.