WATCH: Alan Jackson Discusses How Inspiration for ‘Livin’ on Empty’ Came From a Car

by Katie Maloney

Alan Jackson is at it again! He’s dropping behind-the-scenes stories about songs from his new album, Where Have You Gone. Most recently, Jackson shared a video about his song “Livin’ On Empty.”

During the song, Jackson sings, “When the honeymoon ends, real-life moves in. You wake up in the mornin’, sometimes it’s coffee and gin. Hard to keep it all runnin’ smooth. Stuck in that day-to-day groove. Livin’ on empty, lovin’ on fumes.”

So, what inspired “Livin’ On Empty”? During his video, Jackson joked that most of his ideas come from either food or cars. Hey, those are two great things to be passionate about! And “Livin’ On Empty” was one of his songs inspired by cars…and also love, in some ways.

“I just had that hook, ‘ Living on empty, loving on fumes.’ So, again, all my stuff comes from either food or cars,” said Jackson with a laugh. “That one is a car-themed idea. When I got that hook and started writing it, I just tried to come up with some lines that would make sense with that.”

Alan Jackson’s Own Life Partly Inspired His Song

Jackson, having been married for 41 years, knows a thing or two about married life. He also understands that love can bring its fair share of highs and lows. So, the song was also inspired by feeling stuck in some of those lows.

“And there’s a lot of truth in that when you’re young and you’re in love and you get married and everything’s great and then all of a sudden you’re working two jobs, trying to pay the bill, and the honeymoon is over,” said Jackson. “So, it’s hard, sometimes.”

During a recent interview about the release of Where Have You Gone, Jackson said that he’s always tried to mix his family experiences into his music.

“I’ve always had a mixture of types of songs. From heartbreak to drinkin’. Songs about my family and life. Fun songs, Friday night songs and everything in-between,” said Jackson. “That’s the way all my records have pretty much been.”

Regardless of the type of song Alan Jackson sings, he said that he’ll always come back to his true country roots.

“Man, I love real country music and those instruments and the melodies and what the songs are about,” said Jackson. “That’s what it’s always been for me, and I still love that.”

Obviously, fans love it too. Where Have You Gone debuted at #1 on the U.S. Current Country Album chart. It also landed in the number one spot for country albums in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This makes Where Have You Gone Alan Jackson’s 15th Top 10 album on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart. Additionally, the album landed at number two on the Billboard Country Album chart.

In conclusion, keep doing what you’re doing, Alan Jackson, because fans love it!