WATCH: Billy Ray Cyrus Releases New Video for ‘Ghost Dance’

by Will Shepard

Billy Ray Cyrus is officially back making independent country music. He has finally released a brand new album, and the songs on it are vintage Cyrus.

In particular, “Ghost Dance” stands out among the songs on “The Singin’ Hill Sessions – Mojave.” Cyrus’s unique voice and talent make this song speak to many generations.

However, this is just a lyric video, so fans still have to wait for the music video. It isn’t clear if Cyrus is going to release a music video to the song either, but fans certainly love the song.

“Ghost Dance” is a haunting yet spiritual song that captures the listener and stirs up long-dormant emotions. Moreover, the soft guitar serves to elevate the raspy, mournful lyrics.

Cyrus took to Twitter to share that the song’s lyric video is out for fans’ viewing pleasure. He says that: “I got one more for ya! Check out my new lyric video for #GhostDance and stream my full EP ‘The Singin’ Hills Sessions – Mojave.'”

Billy Ray Cyrus Back Making Country Music

Billy Ray Cyrus has been working on this album for a while now. The album is a five-song EP that is recorded, for the most part, in the Mojave desert, hence the background of the video.

“And her songs fell pure as snow, on the empty hearts below, and a mournful wind did blow, for the ghost dance.”

Cyrus has been working on this song for a long time. He originally wrote the song back in 1996 but never decided to release it to the public. In his resurgence as a solo country artist, the release timing seems perfect. While the world is mourning the losses of family members and friends, “Ghost Dance” feels like a fitting tribute to those who are suffering.

Most importantly, this is a remarkably different step than the one Cyrus took a while ago when he collaborated with Lil’ Nas X. Most likely, country music fans are happy to see Cyrus back making pure country music.