WATCH: Brad Paisley Performs ‘What Child is This’ for CMA Country Christmas in 2010

by Joe Rutland

Christmas can be a magical time for a young child. Country music singer-songwriter Brad Paisley remembers one particular time.

“I think the earliest memory of Christmas that I have is the year I got a tent,” Paisley said. He shared some Christmas memories with viewers who tuned in for “CMA Country Christmas” back in 2010.

“It was sort-of a cheaply-made outdoor tent that wasn’t very big but they set it up in the living room,” Paisley said, “and that thing stayed set up until New Year’s, I think.

“Then a few years later, the most important gift was I got a guitar from my grandfather,” he said as a picture comes up on the TV screen of a photo with him and his grandfather playing guitar together. “He just wanted me to play, wrapped up one of his, and that’s the best present that I ever got.”

Obviously, Paisley turned that love of the guitar into a prosperous country music career.

Brad Paisley Hopes Kids Get Instruments For Christmas

He shared his desire for children listening and watching to receive musical instruments.

“I hope there’s kids out there getting guitars or any instrument for Christmas for that matter,” Paisley said. “Nothing changed my life like that Christmas gift when I was 8 from my grandfather.”

On the Christmas special, Paisley sings a beautiful version of the classic “What Child Is This.”

Paisley Digs ‘Elf on the Shelf’ During These Holiday Times

Since Paisley is at home (like other musicians) for the Christmas holiday, he’s been spending a lot of time on the shelf.

Namely, his “Elf on the Shelf” posts on Instagram. It’s become quite an endeavor for him, pairing up superheroes against one another all in the name of fun.

One of his videos displays “Star Wars” characters in battle. Brad Paisley created the set-up for his sons, drawing inspiration from the “Star Wars” prequels.

His elves are fighting for the light side of the Force as they face off against the evil General Grievous and Anakin Skywalker. One of the elves holds a blaster while the other wields a green lightsaber like Luke Skywalker.

Take a look at how this galactic battle went down from Paisley’s home.

He recently announced he would participate in “The Elf on the Shelf’s Night Before Christmas Storytime.” The show launched on Dec. 2 on YouTube.  Paisley narrates stories about one scout elf’s attempts to create the perfect Christmas Eve.

“Around our house, the Christmas season is full of family time and fun traditions,” Paisley said. “One of my favorites is waking up every morning to discover what kind of happiness and hoopla The Elf on the Shelf Scout Elves got into while we were asleep. Our Scout Elves, Snowflake, and Pinocchio know how to make the holidays a time of joy, celebration, and craziness.”

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