Watch Carly Pearce Shine With Performance of ‘Diamondback’ on First ‘Tonight Show’ of 2022

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (January 3rd), country superstar Carly Pearce took to the stage to perform her single Diamondback on the first Tonight Show of 2022.

Carly Pearce took to her Instagram account to share a video of the performance. She also wrote, “The BEST time last night on The Tonight Show. Thank you Jimmy Fallon for having me!”

During her time on The Tonight Show, Carly Pearce stated out of such a dark time, she sees the light that keeps pouring in with her songs. “I’m in awe how music fans in cities across the country have embraced me,” she stated. “I truly can’t believe our first performance of the year was in Fallon studio!”

Carly Pearce then said that her fans already shout all the words, but she hopes a few more “sassy” voices will be singing along to her song Diamondback. “What is that they say about a woman scorned.”

The chorus to Carly Pearce’s Diamondback reads, “You ain’t gonna get this diamond back/ No, never ever gettin’ this diamond back/ It’s in a pawn shop next to the laundromat/ You ain’t gonna get this diamond back.”

Carly Pearce Opens Up About Her Album ’29: Written in Stone’

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Carly Pearce opened up about her album 29: Written in Stone. “Once I started writing, I thought I’d gotten it all out of my system. But the songs just kept on coming. And I realized to truly understand how you come out the other side. Not just a quick snapshot, this full project needed to happen. Now people can see how you thrive and shine even in the lowest moments.”

Among the songs on Carly Pearce’s 29: Written in Stone album are Next Girl and Messy. Her single Diamondback comes from Pearce’s expanded full-length version of 29. Which made its debut in September 2021. 

Earlier this year, Carly Pearce revealed to Rolling Stone that 29 was inspired by her personal life struggles. “I wanted to take you on the journey I went on as I was living these songs and writing them. Even though it’s my story, these are everybody’s stories of struggle.”

When asked if 29 was a therapeutic album to write and record for her, Carly Pearce answered yes. “Anytime I’m writing from a perspective of when I’m singing about me, which I had never quite experienced to the depth of this, it’s always been therapy for me. I feel like I’m a songwriter as much as I’m an artist, as much as I’m a singer.”

Carly Pearce went on to add that in order for her to process what she was going through, she had to write everything down. “I’m actually somebody who will sit on thoughts and come back to it after I’ve had a second. It absolutely helped me to get those feelings out of me and put them into music.”