WATCH: Garth Brooks Covers James Taylor’s ‘Sweet Baby James’ in Latest ‘Ask Garth’ Video

by Madison Miller

Nothing can lull you to sleep quite like the soft, melodic voice of Garth Brooks.

In a recent live video installment of “Ask Garth” on the Facebook Live stream show “Inside Studio G,” Brooks took different song requests and answered fan questions.

One question came from a man named Chris who says he used to work at Sirius XM before he moved back to England with his wife and had a baby. Chris asked Brooks to help him find a song that would put a baby to sleep. A question probably hundreds of parents would give anything to know the answer to.

After Brooks thought for a second he came to the conclusion that nothing quite like”Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor could lull a baby into that trance-like state.

The only problem about what he said would happen if he were to sing this song to his own kids is that “I’d probably fall asleep with this song too.”

Garth then sings the line, “Rockabye sweet baby James. Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose.”

After playing the song for a few seconds someone else in the room says, “You’re now getting a request for a lullaby album.”

Besides singing children to sleep, Brooks is busy at work gearing up for more performances and his release on Nov. 20 of “Fun.”

Brooks is Just Having ‘Fun’

Every week Brooks holds his “Inside Studio G” Facebook Live, and he has always kept his fans up to date. “Fun,” Brooks’ 12th studio album, is something he has been teasing for years. Fans are excited to finally hear the project now at the end of 2020.

Brooks also shared the inspiration behind the name of the album on one of his live videos. “The title of the album was sparked because making it has been such a fun process to go through. Being able to go in and out of the studio while being on the tour, working with the same guys, it’s been amazing.”

According to The Boot, so far Brooks has released four singles from the album. “All Day Long” dropped back in 2018. “Stronger Than Me” was first heard at the 2018 CMA Awards. “Dive Bar,” which is a duet with Blake Shelton, came out in 2019 and eventually became No.6 on Country Airplay.

Garth and his wife since 2005, Trisha Yearwood, also covered “Shallow” by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Yearwood and Brooks will be performing a CBS special on December 20.