WATCH: Garth Brooks Gives Guitar Right Off His Back to Surprised Young Fan at Her First-Ever Concert

by Clayton Edwards

Garth Brooks is many things. He’s a great performer, a former collegiate athlete, and one of the most successful country artists in history. However, he is also an incredibly generous guy. In fact, when he came out of retirement the first time, it was to play benefit shows for wildfire victims on the West Coast. Additionally, Garth regularly donates to a variety of charitable organizations.

At the same time, Garth Brooks knows that he wouldn’t be where he is without his fans. So, every time he cuts a record or steps on stage, that is at the forefront of his mind. It doesn’t matter if he’s in the studio or on the stage, Brooks gives his all. To him, his fans deserve it. He wouldn’t want to give them any less.

Over the years, Garth Brooks has demonstrated how much he cares about his fans. For instance, he doesn’t sell the first two rows of seats at his concerts. Instead, he sends his crew to pull people out of the nosebleed section and gives them the choice seats. This is because he knows that if they’re willing to pay to see him from so far away, they truly want to be there. As a result, the first two rows are full of insanely excited fans.

One young fan in Kansas City saw Garth Brooks’ love for his fans and his generosity intersect in a big way.

Garth Brooks Gives Away His Guitar

Garth Brooks was playing Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on August seventh. He looked out over the crowd and something caught his eye. There, near the barricade was a little girl sitting on her dad’s shoulders. She was holding a sign that said it was her first concert. It also included her and her sisters’ names. Their names are Giada and Giules.


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As far as first concerts go, seeing Garth Brooks up close is hard to beat. However, Brooks made the night more special for the girls. Quickly decided that he needed to sign something for the kids. Then, Garth noticed that he and the girls had something in common. Their names all start with G.

Then, he made a big show of trying to think of something to sign for them with a G on it. The soundhole of his custom Takamine guitar just so happened to fit the bill.

The country icon popped the strap off of his guitar, whipped out a Sharpie, and proceeded to sign his guitar for the girls. The sisters, as well as everyone else in the crowd, went absolutely bananas. Scroll up and watch the video. The girl’s face is absolutely priceless.

No matter how many shows Giada and Giules see in their lives, they’ll never forget their first concert.