WATCH: Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan and More Country Stars Talk About Their Best-Ever Deer Hunts

by Katie Maloney

Certainly, country music stars Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean can turn out some incredible tunes. But there’s more to the stars than just music. They’re also avid hunters. Lucky for Luke Bryan fans, Buck Commander often features videos of the country music star during his hunts. Most recently, the company shared a video of Buck Commander’s six best buck. And Luke Bryan made the cut.

“You’re watching Buck Commander’s best buck,” said Tyler Farr during the video. “Over the years at Buck Commander, we have seen some absolute hammers go down. There’s a lot of time putting in food plots, hanging deer stands, and everything else you need to do to scout these bucks. So, when it finally happens and you connect on a big one, it is definitely a celebration at camp.”

So, hold on tight, we’re about to watch some of the best bucks taken on Buck Commander.”

Along with the video, they wrote, “Whether it’s a 200-inch buck or a 200 lb doe, everyone always remembers their biggest deer! Check out our newest YouTube video dedicated to some of our BIGGEST deer taken on Buck Commander!”

Luke Bryan Takes Home A Massive Buck

The video featured Buck Commander’s six biggest buck hunts. And coming in at number five was country superstar, Luke Bryan. The video showed clips of Bryan and his friend tracking the buck. When the buck finally comes into view you can hear Bryan whispering “Don’t move, don’t move.” The buck continues to feed on some grass, unaware of Bryan. Bryan whispers again ‘God, that’s a good deer.” His friend reminds him to, “Take a deep breath” as Bryan gets ready to fire. For a second, it looks like the buck may have heard the two as he looks right in their direction. But before the buck can react, Bryan pulls the trigger. “Got him?” His friend asks. Bryan replies, “Yea, I tore him up.” He then takes a deep breath and says “That’s hard to do.” The two laugh.

“That is an unbelievable deer. I just killed the biggest deer of my life,” says Bryan to the camera.

Bryan and his friend exit the stand and look for the buck. Bryan says to the camera, “I’m nervous. But good nervous. Confident nervous.”

When Bryan does find the buck, he can’t contain his excitement. He stays quiet but he pumps his fists and high fives his friend. “This is not right how big this deer is,” says Bryan. “Unbelievable, that deer is gorgeous. Unbelievable.”

He takes one last deep breath before saying, “Hey, when this deer is the only deer you see, you’re in good shape.”

Jason Aldean also landed in the number three spot for his buck. Aldean got his using a compound bow.