WATCH: Kane Brown Hilariously Tries to ‘Act Like My Wife’ in Bloopers Reel

by Halle Ames

Kane Brown is taking to social media to imitate his wife. And the results are hilarious.

Brown walked into his bedroom with a robe on and a towel wrapped around his head as he tried his best to keep his composure. He and his wife, Katelyn, are unable to keep it together as they break down laughing take after take.

He takes one look at Katelyn and cracks up.

The country singer put one hand on his head to hold the towel in place as the other gave a sassy wave. In his best version of his wife’s voice, he says, “I am ready for bed!”

After a few more takes, he is able to make it across the room to the bed before breaking down in laughter once again.

This is only the blooper reel, however. Kane Brown promises to give a full video soon.

“We have a full video coming but here’s the bloopers of me trying to act like my wife. 😂”

Kane Brown and Katelyn

The two tied the knot in 2018 at a beautiful wedding in Franklin, Tennessee, after an 18-month engagement. The wedding was understated for such a big star, with only around 200 people in attendance.

The wedding is also featured in Brown’s music video “Good as You.”

In April of 2019, the couple announced they were expecting their first child, and by May, they revealed on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards that the baby was a girl.

Almost a year to the day after their wedding, Katelyn gave birth to a healthy, beautiful girl named Kingsley Rose Brown. And let us tell you. She is adorable!