WATCH: Keith Urban Reaches Out to Fans After Returning Home from CMA Awards with Nicole Kidman

by Jonathan Howard

Well, the CMAs are done for 2021 and it looks like Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman have made it back home safe and sound. Urban was quick to thank everyone for the great night. He was the recipient of a special award.

During the show, Urban was awarded an International Artist Achievement award that the CMAs presented him with. The award is for all that the Australian artist has done in the genre of country music. On Instagram, the country singer was quick to share a video featuring Kidman once they got home.

“Thank you so much for this incredible honor @cma !!! We had a great night and congrats to all of tonight’s winners!” The caption read.

“Hello everyone, we just got home from the CMAs, and I had the best time tonight,” Keith Urban began. “The best time. And CMAs thank you so much, for this incredible honor, International Artist Achievement award that the CMAs honored me with. This goes out to the fans as well, thank you, guys. Can’t wait to hit the road, very soon, but tonight was a blast. Congratulations to all the winners tonight.”

He turned to Kidman and said, “We had a good time,” to which she responded, “So good.” While he started filming before the Lucille Ball actress was ready, it only added to the video. They both look like they had a great time and now Urban has a new trophy to put up on the shelf. One of many for the singer-songwriter from Down Under.

The artist has gone through so much in his career. Not just battling with other singers on the charts, but Keith Urban recently opened up about his battle with alcoholism.

Keith Urban Talks Openly About Past Issues with Alcoholism

Being an entertainer isn’t always what it appears to be. There are countless stories of singers and performers struggling with addiction and other vices. Keith Urban recently opened up about his battle with alcoholism and how he fought to overcome it.

“It took me a long time to get sober,” he admitted to Rolling Stone magazine. “Took me a long time to recognize my alcoholism. A long time because I didn’t drink like my dad. So I compared everything to him.”

It came down to facing his loved ones, and his loved ones facing him back. His wife, Nicole Kidman, staged an intervention for her husband. Before his 40th birthday in 2006, the singer got the wake-up call he needed to face the reality he was in. So, for the last 15 plus years, the artist has battled his addiction by “working the program.”