WATCH: Loretta Lynn Talks About Her Late Son’s Paranormal Experience at Their Mansion

by Clayton Edwards

Loretta Lynn is a country music legend. Her haunted plantation home is almost as legendary as her career. Located in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, the house sits on land that was once a Civil War battlefield. Several soldiers bled and died, and were buried on that soil decades before the Lynns took ownership of the home. Some say that those soldiers are still there, roaming the grounds and the halls of Loretta Lynn’s home. In 2011, Lynn welcomed the team from “Ghost Adventures” in sharing not only her home but also her stories with them.

One story the Coal Miner’s Daughter told was of her late son Jack Benny Lynn’s paranormal experience.

Loretta Lynn told “Ghost Adventures” that her son was sleeping in what is referred to as “The Brown Room.” Jack woke to a terrifying sight. Standing over the bed was a uniformed Confederate soldier. The soldier woke Jack up when he tried to remove his boots. According to Lynn, her son shot out of bed and ran out of the house. This is a totally rational reaction. No one wants to have their boots stolen by anyone least of all a long-dead Confederate soldier.

Jack was not the only one to have a strange experience in the mansion. Loretta Lynn, her daughters, employees, and visitors alike have all witnessed or experienced strange things in the Hurricane Mills home.

Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Mansion

The fact that a plantation in Tennessee is haunted doesn’t come as a surprise. The most powerful hauntings are created by violent deaths. This is especially true if that violent death comes after a life of cruelty. The violence of war and the cruelty of slavery are a perfect recipe for a haunting.

There are two main types of hauntings. The first, weakest, and most common is called a residual haunting. Put simply these are like ghost movies playing through time. If an apparition repeats the same actions and doesn’t interact with the inhabitants or environment, it’s a residual haunting. On the other hand, intelligent hauntings are stronger and much rarer. These are the kinds of hauntings that see ghosts interacting with the living. For example, trying to steal boots. While that experience is shocking it is far from the only thing that has happened in Loretta Lynn’s haunted Hurricane Mills home.

In a 2004 Travel Channel documentary titled “Secrets of Hurricane Mills: Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Plantation,” we get more details about the happenings in the home. In one instance, Lynn describes the spirit of a slave shambling up the porch steps dragging chains.

At one point, Loretta Lynn decided that she needed answers. She gathered some of her closest friends and performed a séance in the home. She wanted to contact the spirits and find out who they are. They made contact with a ghost who referred to himself only as Anderson. The spirit was furious. He shook their table until it broke before ceasing communication. With a little research, Lynn learned that the first family to own her piece of property was the Anderson family.

The Haunting at Hurricane Mills

Loretta Lynn’s haunted mansion is impressive. Not only does it host a country music legend but also the spirits of early Americans, slaves, and Civil War soldiers. The grounds house both intelligent and residual hauntings. Many visitors to the mansion have experienced these spirits. Lynn herself has talked about her haunted home on several TV programs. Her Tennessee plantation home may be the most haunted house in country music.