WATCH: Luke Bryan Celebrates America’s Heartland and Hard-Working Farmers in Packed-Out First Week of Farm Tour 2021

by Leanne Stahulak

The second weekend of country superstar Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour 2021 kicks off tonight in Indiana. But first, the singer wants to take us back to the first weekend of the annual event.

On Thursday, Sept. 9, Bryan started his Farm Tour with a visit to the Statz Brothers Dairy Farm in Marshall, Wisconsin. He actually visited the farm two years ago in 2019 and took the Statz brothers up on their offer to come back anytime to play.

Next up, Luke Bryan visited Brown Farms in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois. The concert in Illinois also fell on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. This prompted Bryan to lead the crowd in a moving performance of the National Anthem, honoring those who fell on that tragic day.

Now, one week later, the country singer prepares to dazzle crowds for the second weekend of his annual Farm Tour. Bryan celebrated the start of the second half of the tour with a “Week One Recap” video on Instagram. He posted it to his page along with the caption, “One weekend down, one more to go! Who’s coming out for weekend two?  #FarmTour2021  #HeresToTheFarmer.”

In the video, we see people tailgating and playing cornhole in the middle of a farmer’s field. We also see Luke Bryan himself jamming on stage, as fans dance enthusiastically in the audience. At its end, the video cuts to a quick overview of the entire farmer’s field full of people. We love to see a packed stadium, but a packed field is something else altogether.

Catch sneak peeks and recaps of Luke Bryan’s upcoming shows right here, Outsiders. He’ll be in Kingman, Indiana, tonight, Baltimore, Ohio, tomorrow, and Fowlerville, Michigan, on Sunday.

Luke Bryan Receives ‘Delicious Gift’ During Farm Tour 2021

It wouldn’t be a Farm Tour without some of our favorite farm products. Luke Bryan learned that firsthand when he received the strangest (and most delicious) gift during his stop in Marshall, Wisconsin.

Farmland Foods presented the country singer with a two-foot-tall, 25-pound bust of himself made out of 50 pounds of bacon. That’s right, Outsiders. A Bryan bacon bust. See it for yourself in the tweet below from Taste of Country.

The likeness of the statue is really not too far off, for being all meat. Taste of Country reported that the gift is, unfortunately, not edible, since the sculptor likely took days or weeks to put the thing together. I prefer my bacon straight from fridge to pan, personally (and crispy over chewy).

The outlet also said that Farmland is one of the sponsors for Luke Bryan’s Farm Tour this year. We’re grateful to the food company for supporting Bryan on the tour, as well as all the farmers his tour benefits. But seriously, we’re also grateful that we got to see Bryan become bacon.