Watch: Luke Combs Still Trapped in Daytona Due to Winter Storm, Reveals New Unreleased Song

by Josh Lanier

Luke Combs is stuck in Alabama. The winter storms that have pummeled the United States over the past several days and caused havoc in the deep South have marooned the country superstar. But he’s not letting the time go to waste. In fact, he just released a video featuring a new song.

Combs was the pre-race performer ahead of Sunday’s Daytona 500. Most notably, he wore an insanely cool jacket honoring Dale Earnhardt. The NASCAR legend died in a crash at the iconic track 20 years ago.

Before the race, Combs sang his hit “Cold as You.” A few hours later, the weather turned colder than his ex.

Ice and snow hit the Deep South hard and caused gridlock and pandemonium ever since. States have scrambled to clear roads and runways and get power grids back into working order. But problems persist.

Combs isn’t the only performer stuck waiting on the country to thaw out. Chase Rice is trapped in Key West. He posted a photo to Instagram from a warm beach with a cold drink.

But even though he’s stuck in the Sunshine state, Combs is busy at work during his forced vacation.

Luke Combs Teases New Song ‘Growing Up and Getting Old’

Luke Combs kept fans up to date on his plight but wanted them to know he’s also still writing songs. He uploaded a portion of a new tune he’s worked on with Channing Wilson and Rob Snyder. Combs reveals the song is called “Growing Up and Getting Old.”

The song centers on the struggles of knowing when to give up your youth and accept a new stage in life.

“I still hit them dive bars every once in a blue moon / got a wild card that I keep inside my boot / I been thinking lately maybe I should save it / Cause them hangovers sure kick my ass these days / I spend most my happy hours here at home / but in the middle of growin’ up and gettin’ old,” Combs sings in the chorus. “But I can still raise hell all night with the boys when I want to / lay that hammer down to see how fast she’ll go / but these days I hang my hat on what I won’t do / And I been findin’ peace of mind slowin’ my roll / Learn to tow that line with time as it goes / I’m in the middle of growin up and gettin’ old.”

To go along with the song, Combs unveiled his beautiful Bill Patterson-painted Gibson guitar.