WATCH: Maren Morris Belts ‘Strawberry Wine’ at Dierks Bentley’s Nashville Bar in 2018

by Atlanta Northcutt

Maren Morris entered the grand opening of Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row, sharing a raw and beautiful moment with the audience.

The Beginning of Success for Maren Morris

She had recently learned she achieved recognition with her solo single. Maren celebrated that fact, as well as the bar’s opening, by serenading attendees with “Strawberry Wine.”

In 2018, Morris topped the charts for the first time in her career with her solo single “I Could Use a Love Song.”

Maren made her way through the bright lights and live music filling the streets of Nashville’s Broadway to reach Bentley’s bar.

‘Strawberry Wine’

She expressed her feelings through her performance at Whiskey Row. In 2018, she gave a beautiful rendition of Deanna Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.”

She took the stage at Whiskey Row and began performing for those in the venue. Everyone applauded while the hooting and hollering began, which is the typical celebratory sound of Broadway.

Morris was one of many musicians on the lineup to perform at the bar’s 2018 grand opening. However, Maren took a moment to perform Deanna Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.”

When hearing “Strawberry Wine,” the audience erupted in a celebration.

Morris Pours Serenades the Crowd

Since the song is so famous, the artist covering it must be ready to give their soul to the crowd through their voice. They must be able to reach out to listeners with raw emotion.

Her performance delicately hits those notes which make you ache inside. It was a pure moment of expression performed in a beautiful rendition of a beautiful song.

The crowd began to sing along with her, as though they felt the depths of such an intoxicating voice. Maren truly bared it all with a heartfelt performance.

Maren Morris’ personal rendition of “Strawberry Wine” seemed to be a success. She intertwined herself with the deep expression of Carter’s lyrics while adding her own personal feelings into them.