WATCH: Merle Haggard’s Son Ben Performs Stunning Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’

by Emily Morgan

Ben Haggard, son of the late country music legend Merle Haggard, proved he was his father’s son when he gave a stunning performance of the famous hymn “Amazing Grace.” 

Like Haggard, his son’s soulful yet gritty approach to the song had us on the brink of tears as we listened. His black and white filter on the video added a somber tone that kept viewers captivated. 

Ben’s singing was strikingly similar to that of his father’s. While he’s found his own voice as an artist, it’s hard not to picture the late Haggard as he sings the beautiful song. 

The outlaw’s son didn’t waste any time talking to the camera beforehand; instead, he got right into it, showing off his incredible vocals. 

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,/ That saved a wretch like me./ I once was lost but now I’m found./ Was blind, but now I see,” he sang.

We know his dad would be nothing less than proud of Ben’s outlaw sound paired with his raw emotion.

Haggard received nothing but praise after the chilling performance that came in through comments on the singer’s Facebook page. 

Fans also pointed out the staunch similarities in Ben’s voice and his father’s. They also commended Ben for keeping his father’s memory alive through what he loved most: music.

Merle Haggard’s Amazing Grace’ Cover

Written in 1779 by John Newton, “Amazing Grace” has remained a famous song, covered by 7,000 artists of all genres. The piece has remained a fan favorite for decades. 

Merle Haggard recorded his own version in 1971 as part of his gospel album The Land of Many Churches.

Merle Haggard recorded the live album in four different settings. He recorded the song in Big Creek Baptist Church, Assembly of God Tabernacles, San Quentin’s Garden Chapel, and Nashville’s Union Rescue Mission. 

Aside from “Amazing Grace,” he also included other hymns such as “The Old Rugged Cross,” “Precious Memories,” and “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” 

Unfortunately, none of his singles landed on the “Billboard” chart. However, The Land of Many Churches reached No. 15 on the “Billboard Top Country Albums” chart.