Watch Morgan Wallen Go Off-Roading Through Woods on Tennessee ‘Snow Day’

by Chase Thomas

The holiday season may be over, Outsiders, but winter is still very much in full force in a large portion of the country. One part of the country, Tennessee, in fact, got a nice little bit of snow this week splattered all across the state. In certain parts, like Nashville, folks there were greeted with several inches of snow. It may have been a few days off from providing the state with back-to-back white Christmas deals, but it was still a fun development to kick off the new year nonetheless. One of the folks who part took in the snow day fun this week was country music star, Morgan Wallen.

Yes, Morgan Wallen had some fun this week as he went off-roading through the woods in Tennessee on his own snow day. He posted a few photos out in the elements on his personal Instagram page, but he also included a video of him driving through the snowy woods at night.

In the post, Wallen wrote for the caption, “Ain’t many things make me happier than a good snow day.”

Fans loved the update from the country music star. One fan wrote, “Morgan and I both livin our best lives in this snow today.”

Another fan wrote, “I can just hear the GAHT through the screen on the second pic”

Morgan Wallen And Luke Combs

Wallen is one of the biggest up-and-coming stars in country music. Another big-time star in the industry is Luke Combs. Well, Outsiders, Wallen revealed that Combs did him quite the solid a few years back. Wallen, when talking about his guitars with Behind The Vest, revealed, “I got an old Gibson that’s really nice. One of my buddies, Luke Combs, actually brought it for me at the end of our tour that we did in 2019.”

How cool is that? Wallen continued,“‘Believe’ by Brooks & Dunn, the guitar parts on that song were recorded on this guitar. That I have now.” So, the guitar might have a bit of big-time history, to say the least. He continued, “There’s still a note in the guitar case that kind of lets you know the history behind the guitar. And that it was played in those parts and stuff like that. So, that’s probably one of my favorite ones.”

As the guitar is passed around, it’s important to keep track of things like this to be sure. You don’t want the next star to not know the backstory that comes with this particular guitar. It comes as no surprise that this is one of Wallen’s favorite guitars. Only time will tell who will get the guitar next in country music.