WATCH: Reba McEntire Calls for People to ‘Love One Another’ in Preview of ‘Circle All Access’

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (July 27th) country legend Reba McEntire took to her social media accounts to post a preview of her upcoming special Circle All Access.

“Tune in tonight at 8:30/7:30c on @circleallaccess for a special episode of #JesusCalling featuring a conversation between me and my sisters @susieqmaceaton & Alice. To find out how you can watch, visit this link,” Reba McEntire writes in the post. 

In the video, Reba McEntire states, “I think I read that in Jesus Calling the other day that when you pray when you give thanks, it’s the thing that goes straight up to heaven. And they learn it the loudest.”

Reba McEntire then shares that the main thing she learned over the past couple of years is simply love. “With the prejudices and with the madness over politics and what’s going on. Who’s getting more attention and who is not getting attention. If we would all just love one another and accept the faults. Love them for who they are.”

Reba McEntire Opens Up About Her Faith 

During a 2018 interview with Saturday Evening Post, Reba McEntire opens up about her faith and higher power beliefs. “I’m not out to teach or preach; I’m just showing everybody that I’m happy the way I am because of my faith,” Reba explains. She also says that it’s a relief to her that God is always taking care of her as well as helping her through the tough times and is always there for the great times. 

Reba McEntire also says that music has helped her in many different ways as well. “After I lost seven of my band members and my tour manager in a plane crash in ’91, we went to the studio and started recording songs,” she recalls. The country songstress explains that the bass player, Leland Sklar asked her if they were going to record any happy songs on the upcoming album. She responded with not this one because it was helping her heal her heart. 

“It’s true about my divorce, too. The world doesn’t stop for a broken heart, and that’s the truth. You’ve got to go on, but you’ve got to express your pain, and the way I did was through my music,” Reba McEntire states. She then admits that 99 percent of the songs she chooses are about heartbreak and she believes that’s what makes country music so popular. “It’s relatable. When a person is sad, they don’t listen to happy songs. I guess misery loves company.”

In regards to her divorces with Narvel Blackstock, Reba McEntire adds, “I think that kind of split is hard on anybody. I’m no different than anyone who’s ever gone through a divorce or death. Even if you’re in the public eye, the hurt’s the same.”