WATCH: Ted Nugent Rides Buffalo on Stage in Incredible Throwback Video

by Halle Ames

In one of the strangest videos you will see today, Ted Nugent rides a live buffalo across the stage during a concert for an incredible throwback. 

Yes, you heard us right. The rocker rode onto the stage wearing nothing but pants, suspenders, and a Native American headdress. All while yelling, “HE LIVES! THE BUFFALO LIVES, AND HE WILL LIVE FOREVER, YOU KNOW IT!” over and over again. 

We can tell you that we probably wouldn’t want to be in the front row of that concert just in case the big furry guy wanted to make a break for it.

To make matters even stranger, Ted Nugent takes out a bow with a flaming arrow. Across the stage is a guitar hanging with an ‘X’ across it. 

After taking some time to gather his breathing, he fires. Nugent hits the guitar, which proceeds to burst into flames. He grabs the guitar and holds it in one hand with the bow in the other, and screams still while just wearing the pants and headdress. Ted Nugent then drops to his knees as the lights cut out, but a fire burns onstage. 

The video was posted to Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild with the caption, “Who’s a big fan of Uncle Ted riding in on this hairy beast? Motor City Madness at its best! #TedNugent #GreatWhiteBuffalo #UncleTed.”

Watch the video HERE.

Ted Nugent ‘The Great White Buffalo’

Ted Nugent released ‘The Great White Buffalo’ on the album Tooth Fang & Claw in 1974. The song was created to bring awareness to animal rights. In the lyrics, Nugent talks about how Native Americans would use all parts of an animal and wouldn’t let anything go to waste. When white men came to America, they would kill buffalo for sport, to the point of near extinction. 

“Maybe some people will listen to ‘Great White Buffalo’ and realize that you can’t market animals and expect them to be around forever, but I don’t think so,” said Nugent in a 1979 interview with NME. “I think they listen to ‘Great White Buffalo,’ and they listen to the guitar riff.”