WATCH: Thomas Rhett and Lauren Hilariously Work Together in Throwback Video From CMA Country Christmas

by Amanda Glover

If you didn’t have enough reasons to love Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins, well we’re happy to help with that!

Earlier today, country singer, Thomas Rhett posted a cute throwback video of him and his wife, Lauren, from CMA Country Christmas. In the video, Rhett hilariously struggles to stack boxes of presents his wife is holding on top of each other. The two are dressed for the cold as they enter a beautifully decorated, Christmas-themed house. His best line in the whole video was without a doubt: “Lord, have mercy.”

Ah, the frustration of not being able to stack seemingly empty boxes on top of one another. Lauren had no problem laughing it off.

The Instagram video is titled: “#TBT to that time Lauren and I worked together for @cma Country Christmas. Went well…”

Fans of the adorable couple flooded the comment section with support for the show, as well as their loving relationship: “That show was great I saved it on my DVR and still watch it over and over You guys were Great.” Another fan commented: “So cute I watched that show!”

Thomas Rhett and Lauren are Parents to Four Young Girls

The beautiful country couple are proud parents to four girls: Willa Gray, Ada James, Lennon Love, and the newest addition to the family, Lillie Carolina. The two are always posting adorable family photos detailing milestones in the sister’s lives. The story that started with the lovely Willa Gray is one to be remembered.

Thomas Rhett and Lauren adopted Willa from Uganda in 2017. In 2016, Lauren visited Uganda, where they had 147 million orphans. After seeing a photo of his wife holding 18-month Willa, he noticed Lauren’s obvious bond with the child.

“Lauren had this amazing glow about her and it just felt like she was already our daughter in a weird way,” said the singer. “I just blurted out, ‘We should bring her home.’ ”

Well, that worked out beautifully! Especially since the couple had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby and were just beginning to discuss adoption.

Although, the journey was not a quick one. It involved many trips to and from Uganda, background checks, home visits, and interviews. Another surprise was also awaiting the family. This was a surprise that would end up totaling a family of four small female surprises.

Before Willa’s adoption was complete, Lauren found out she was pregnant! She did feel slightly guilty for leaving one child in one country to go to an appointment for her unborn child. But, she knew she had to make sure both children were healthy and were going to end up going home with her and her husband.

The events inspired Rhett to write his song, ‘Life Changes’ from his album of the same name.