WATCH: Thomas Rhett Saddles Up for the ‘First and Last TikTok Dance’ He’ll Ever Do

by Shelby Scott

If you thought you loved Thomas Rhett before, then you should definitely check out his latest TikTok dance. He shared the video of himself and some friends dancing to one of his new songs, “Redneck Be Like,” and we can’t help but a) add the song to our rapidly growing playlist and b) watch the dance on loop so we can pick it up ourselves. Check it out.

His post revealed that, apparently, this will be the first, last, and only TikTok dance he’ll ever participate in. However, he did follow that with a maybe, so perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to see more Thomas Rhett dances trending in social media very soon.

Regardless, viewers should be taken with the fact that he and his friends decided to don cowboy hats for the video, something modern country artists rarely wear anymore. Thomas Rhett, specifically, either goes hatless most times or sports a simple ball cap. While he claims he should stick to singing, I beg to differ, as I much prefer the ballcap to the cowboy hat. As for his dancing, who doesn’t love a good TikTok dance anyway?

Further, you should also take a listen to “Redneck Be Like” as it is quite a hit and definitely worthy of trending on TikTok.

While Thomas Rhett’s latest TikTok is sure to inspire lots of variations on his dance to “Redneck Be Like,” he’s not the only country singer trending on the forerunning social media platform. July saw numerous TikTokers sharing videos of themselves doing chores and other difficult tasks accompanied by country icon Reba‘s hit song, “I’m A Survivor.”

Not long after the trend took over TikTok, Miss McEntire herself posted her own video to the platform participating in the trend. In it, “I’m A Survivor” plays on in the background and she’s seen doing farmwork. McEntire slings feed to her donkeys as the hit song narrates the video. Ironic? Sure. Iconic? Definitely.

Additionally, rising country star Walker Hayes is seeing love on TikTok as well. The last month or so has seen numerous TikTokers participating in a viral dance to Hayes’ hit song, “Fancy Like.”

However, most recently, TikTok saw country artist Trisha Yearwood taking part in a simpler, though equally viral, trend. In it, platform users lip-sync to a remix of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar” and Fabricio TJ’s “SEASIDE.” The remix of the two songs is meant to capture an individual’s totally different looks, in Yearwood’s case, “natural” versus “cosmeticized.” And fans absolutely loved it.

Here at Outsider, we simply love all the love country artists are experiencing on TikTok.