Watch: Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Daughter Shows Off Impressive Singing Skills

by Emily Morgan

There’s no question about it: the McGraw/Hill family can sing. Not only does that include the country megastar couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, but also their daughter, Gracie McGraw.

The eldest daughter gave us a glimpse of her chops when she posted an Instagram video of herself singing acapella. It’s safe to say we were not disappointed. McGraw gave a bigger-than-life rendition of the song, “Don’t Rain on my Parade.” A song from the Broadway musical, “Funny Girl.”

McGraw seamlessly captures her follower’s attention with her larger-than-life voice. 

She wrote, “Don’t rain on my parade. Sorry for posting twice today but get you a girl who can do both. This is and always will be my dream role. Fanny I love you. Also I filmed this right after jumpin out the car so sorry it’s not perfect.” 

Many of her followers were quick to comment that the 23-year-old should pursue a career on Broadway. This shift would quite a detour from the country world she was born into. 

 Besides singing, McGraw is by no means shy about performing. She recently uploaded a video of herself pole dancing, something she describes as “empowering.” 

Tim & Faith give Gracie Big Boots to Fill

If McGraw chose a career in the entertainment industry, she would undoubtedly be following a tough act. Undeniably, her parents were both extremely successful in the world of music. Her dad released 15 studio albums, most of them being number 1 on the Top Country Albums charts. He’s also won three Grammy Awards.

Faith, the family’s matriarch, can be classified as one of the most successful country artists of all time. She’s sold upwards of 40 million albums worldwide. She’s won 5 Grammy Awards and 15 Country Music Awards.

As for Gracie, it’s evident that talent runs in the family. She teamed up with her dad on a duet called “Here Tonight.” He featured the duet on his album, Damn Country Music.

We also got another peak at her talent when her dad posted an Instagram video of the two singing “What Kind of Fool” by Barbra Streisand and Barry Gibbs.