WATCH: Tim McGraw’s New Music Video ‘7500 OBO’ Starring His Daughter Audrey

by Shelby Scott

Country artist Tim McGraw has put out some major country classics over his decades-long career. Additionally, he’s starred in some truly memorable music videos. However, this time, his latest music video release for his song “7500 OBO” stars his youngest daughter Audrey and it’s a real work of art.

Overall the song talks about a heartbreak tied to the memories in a beloved pick-up truck. While the opening lyrics to the song quickly and smoothly roll off Tim McGraw’s lips, the beginning shows his daughter Audrey McGraw arguing with another father figure in front of, presumedly, the pickup truck which is the main subject of the song. The audience’s perspective is from the backseat and as the song starts up, the “dad” puts a for-sale sign on the truck’s windshield.

From there actress Audrey points to the sign and the truck, in a heated argument with the father. Following the argument, she performs a laundry list of outside chores as her wardrobe changes each time, indicating time passing.

Eventually, her “father” hands her the key to the truck and she takes off running for the driver’s seat. In the video, Audrey meets a boy and they create all kinds of memories in the truck. While the scenes are sweet, eventually she leaves him and all he has left is the truck. From there, I think you can see where the title, “7500 OBO” comes from. Years later, we see the pair as adults and the man drives the truck away.

A real beauty, the song and the video are sure to hit home for a lot of fans. However, what tops off the artistry of the song is that in little lyrical breaks throughout, we can just hear the melody of Tim McGraw’s “Where the Green Grass Grows.” Be sure to listen for it!

Tim McGraw Experienced Discomfort Watching ‘7500 OBO’ Kissing Scene Featuring His Daughter

Although Tim McGraw’s new video saw major success and love, the artist couldn’t help but feel a little discomfort during the video’s kissing scene. Nevertheless, he took things in stride, sharing his thoughts when he released the preview to the “7500 OBO” music video.

“I tried to yell ‘cut!’ but I didn’t get there quick enough,” the nervous dad shared. “It’s not easy for a dad to watch, I can tell you that.”

Nevertheless, it seems the video premiered well as it’s already scored over 100,000 views on YouTube. The song originates from Tim McGraw’s album Here On Earth. The album includes the hit song, “Thought About You.” However, McGraw’s newer deluxe edition of Here On Earth features his latest hit song, “Undivided,” with fellow country star Tyler Hubbard. Additionally, the larger track list consists of hit songs, “Neon Church” and “I Called Mama.”

Overall, Tim McGraw has seen a lot of new achievements in both his career and in the growing careers of his daughters and we can’t wait to see where things go from here.