WATCH: Toby Keith Announces He’s Recording New Music with New Studio Video

by Josh Lanier

Toby Keith played Santa for fans recently when he uploaded a video saying he’s working on new music. It would be “Red Solo Cup” singer’s first studio album since 2015’s 35 MPH Town.

Keith uploaded the video to Twitter late Thursday. “Guess who’s been in the studio…#MerryChristmas,” he wrote in the post.

The video doesn’t have sound so it’s a bit of a tease to be unable to hear what he’s been recording. But that didn’t dampen his fan’s spirits. They were thrilled over the news.

Toby Keith Hasn’t Let Extra Downtime Go to Waste

Toby Keith has lamented not being able to tour and perform in front of crowds this year. The coronavirus pandemic has forced music venues across the country to close, some for good. But Keith has found ways to still reach his audience.

Earlier this year, Keith found himself quarantined in Mexico. He’d left his guitar in Oklahoma and had no recording equipment. He wrote about the ordeal on his website. But he came across a guitar at a furniture store of all places and started recording covers and some new songs into his cell phone to pass the time.

He calls the collection of more than a dozen songs The Furniture Sessions. And it’s chockablock with deep cuts and a few classics. Despite the less-than-stellar recording equipment and guitar, Keith’s voice shines throughout. And he was smart in his song selection as it shows off his range.

The track list includes:

  • Humidity Built the Snowman, John Prine
  • I Won’t Let You Down, Keith
  • Ain’t No Sunshine, Bill Withers
  • Evangelina, Hoyt Axton
  • The Lord Knows I’m Drinking, Cal Smith
  • Trailerhood, Keith
  • Nights I Can’t Remember, Friends I’ll Never Forget, Keith
  • Flowers on the Wall, The Statler Brothers
  • Somewhere Else, Keith
  • Every Which Way But Loose, Eddie Rabbitt
  • The Size I Wear, Keith
  • There Is No Arizona, Jamie O’Neal
  • Cabo San Lucas, Keith

He uploaded all the songs to YouTube. Despite the less-than-stellar recording equipment and guitar, Keith’s voice shines throughout.