WATCH: Toby Keith Visibly Moved Watching Young Girl Cover His Song

by Katie Maloney

A video goes viral of Toby Keith watching a young girl cover his song, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This.”

TikTok is the new stage for both music legends and new up-and-comers. Even country legend George Strait is hosting an Amarillo By Morning TikTok challenge. Keith is no exception to the ever-growing TikTok trend. Most recently, Keith shared a video of himself reacting to a young girl covering his song, “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This.”

As the country superstar mouths the words and gently sways to the beat, you can see that he’s truly moved by the young performer’s cover. As the young girl finishes her performance Keith smiles and gives two thumbs up.

What Is Toby Keith’s ‘Secret Recipe’ For A Love Song?

During “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” Keith sings, “You shouldn’t kiss me like this. Unless you mean it like that. ‘Cause I’ll just close my eyes. And I won’t know where I’m at. We’ll get lost on this dance floor. Spinning around.”

During an interview, Keith described the song as “a three-and-a-half-minute song about a five-second kiss.” He continues, “If you want to talk about that five seconds as good as you can talk about it, it’s going to take three-and-a-half minutes to tell it.”

Additionally, Keith said that as he gets older, he gets more sentimental.

“As I get older, that stuff comes out more. It started when I wrote ‘You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,'” said Keith.

He then revealed the Toby Keith secret recipe for writing the perfect love song.

“The secret recipe for learning how to write those kinds of songs is to put down a bunch of stuff in the lyric that you would never actually say to the female,” said Keith. “So, there’s no way a guy like me in real life is going to be that tender. You wish you could be but there is a wall there,” he said.

Toby Keith’s “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This.”