WATCH: Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks Release Hilarious Bloopers Ahead of CBS Concert Special

by Joe Rutland

Garth Brooks and his wife, Trisha Yearwood, are sharing some holiday giggles with fans in advance of their upcoming CBS concert special.

The country music singing-songwriting couple was spending time doing some promos for the special. Usually, fine-tuned professionals like Brooks and Yearwood can do this in just one take and knock it out.

Yeah, well, that’s not what happened. Yearwood tweeted out a “highlight reel” of their outtakes.

Take a look as Brooks and Yearwood do their best to encourage people to watch “Garth and Tricia Live!” on Sunday, Dec. 20. The special will be shown on CBS and online at CBS Access.

Needless to say, their efforts (while commendable) fell a bit short than what was needed by the network.

They did get it together, though, and are preparing for Sunday’s big show.

Garth Brooks Still Loves Trisha Yearwood, 15 Years Later

Brooks took an opportunity to look back upon being married 15 years to Yearwood. He shared his thoughts and feelings about his wife with a Facebook Live crowd.

“This is the longest I’ve ever been married…so it was new territory for me,” Brooks said. “So it was a big one. And I’ve really really enjoyed these 15 years.”

Brooks and Yearwood first met in 1987 while recording a demo track. At the time, both musicians were unknown. During an interview, Yearwood revealed that she received $10 for her contribution that day. Brooks left the session with nothing. Although the couple hit it off upon first meeting, they didn’t start dating until years later.

During an interview with Ellen Degeneres in 2013, Brooks opened up about how he felt when he first met Yearwood. He said he felt the way someone feels“like when you just meet your wife.”

Take a look at Brooks and Degeneres having that conversation.

Yearwood recalls having a connection with Brooks but jokingly says she “had no idea he’d turn out to be Garth Brooks!”