WATCH: Trisha Yearwood, Toni Braxton Cover LeAnn Rimes Hit ‘How Do I Live’ in Throwback 2000s Concert

by Quentin Blount

Back in 2005, country singer Trisha Yearwood and Toni Braxton performed an incredible cover version of the LeAnn Rimes song “How Do I Live.”

Written by Diane Warren, the extended version of the song “How Do I Live” was performed by LeAnn Rimes and later featured on her second studio album, You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs in 1997. However, Yearwood also released her version of the song around the same time. Her version was featured in the film Con Air.

In the 2005 custom concert with Yearwood and Braxton, it’s easy to see that the song fits both of their voices. Braxton especially sings the hit with ease. In addition, her ad-libs are just spot on and flow so effortlessly with the song. It seems like she has performed it her whole life. Take a look below:

Trisha Yearwood Performance on the Charts

Both the Rimes and the Yearwood versions debuted on the US Billboard Hot 100 in June of 1997. Rimes’ version is well known for how long it spent on the chart, staying there for a record-breaking 69 weeks. 62 of those weeks were in the top 40, 32 weeks were in the top ten and 25 in the top five, all records at the time.

Despite this success, it was the Trisha Yearwood version that was the most successful on country radio. Although her version was moving quickly up the pop charts and even got as high as No. 23, MCA refused to issue any more copies of the of the hit song for fear of cannibalizing album sales. As a result, a limited amount of 300,000 copies were sold and sold out quickly. Consequently, the single was off the Hot 100 after 12 weeks. However, on country radio, it became a much bigger success. The hit song made it all the way to No. 2 on the country charts, far outpacing the peak of 43 set by the LeAnn Rimes version.

As such, Yearwood’s version was among the top twenty biggest country single of 1997. Meanwhile, Rimes’ version was ninth and fifth among the best charting singles on the pop charts for the years 1997 and 1998, respectively.

Rimes’ version was later ranked at No. 4 on Billboard’s All-Time Top 100 in 2008. Furthermore, Billboard also ranked the song as the 12th-most-successful single of the 1990s at the end of the decade in 1999. Fifteen years later, the song was re-ranked as the second-best charting single released during the decade. It was also the best charting single of the 1990s.