West Virginia Native Brad Paisley Explains His Connection to ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’

by Jonathan Howard

When you’re in the Mountaineer State, there is just one song that really matters. For West Virginia native Brad Paisley Take Me Home, Country Roads is special.

When that John Denver classic plays, you know there will be at least one person singing along to it. It doesn’t matter where you are. Sporting events, tailgates, parties, weddings, and more. It’s a song that has touched the hearts and minds of millions.

Everyone that has moved away from home knows the feeling of homesickness. Feeling that you should be back where you once were. There have been plenty of songs written about similar topics. As a Kentuckian, I think about Dwight Yoakam’s Readin’, Rightin’, Rt. 23.

Brad Paisley talked about what Country Roads means to him in an interview with CBS.

“It’s the rare song that isn’t just singing about something, it’s causing it,” Paisley said. The country singer is a native of Glen Dale, WV. Since he learned how to play the guitar, Paisley has played the John Denver hit. And, when he made his move to Nashville, he felt more connected to the song than ever.

“I think once you move away, the song takes on way more just character and depth,” he explained. “You hear that on the radio and you’re not in West Virginia, like, you hear that in your car and it comes on, and when you hear that iconic acoustic guitar part – ‘driving down the road I get a feeling that I should have been home yesterday.'”

Brad Paisley isn’t alone, either. The song has a deep meaning for so many. It is truly one of country music’s greatest songs. There is lonesomeness, longing, and pure nostalgia wrapped all into one piece. Perfection.

Brad Paisley Has Big Plans for 2022

Now, Paisley is going to really be missing West Virginia next year. The country music star has plans for a big European tour in 2022. He won’t be gone long, but he will be gone a long way from home. Morgan Evans is going to join Paisley on the tour.

The tour will run through the middle and end of July. He starts things off on July 15 and 16. Those first two dates will be in Glasgow, Scotland and then Dublin, Ireland, respectively. The only country that will get to have two shows will be Norway. Bergen and Trondheim will get their own dates.

The Netherlands, Denmark, and Germany will also be stops along the way. The Brad Paisley Europe 2022 tour looks like it will be a great time. The last time European audiences got to see Paisley live was back in the summer of 2017. He played two shows in Sweden and a show in Norway on the Weekend Warrior Tour.