What Dolly Parton Wants People to Think About When Wearing Her New Perfume

by Jennifer Shea

Dolly Parton is out with a new scent. The workaholic country superstar has been characteristically busy during the pandemic – publishing a book, releasing a holiday album, funding vaccine research – and now she’s adding perfumer to her list of titles.

Parton spoke about her new product during a recent appearance on “Good Morning America.” And in the interview, she said she hopes people will think of her when they use the perfume.

“This is ‘Dolly: Scent from Above,’ and I named it that because it smells heavenly,” Parton explained. “One of the reasons that I developed it is because people always follow me around asking me what I’m wearing. And so I got with the fragrance people, and we worked on it for months and months and months. Actually, for years. And so [now] everybody says it smells like me. And that’s good.”

The sense of smell is the sense that most strongly evokes memories. That’s because scents, unlike other stimuli, take a direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain, according to Live Science. Other senses travel to a sort of switchboard region in the brain first, but scents go straight to the amygdala and the hippocampus.

And Parton said she’s noticed that herself when it comes to old scents from earlier times.

“If I’ll open a drawer, and find an old bottle of perfume or something, it’ll remind me of everything that I was going through at that time,” Parton noted. “I tried to make a good combination of my memories and my life and my love for perfume.”

Parton’s interviewer suggested that people using the scent for the first time would spray it on and think of Parton.

“I hope so. I hope they think of me every time,” she said.

Dolly Parton Remembers the First Perfume She Ever Used

Parton’s perfume is available online and on the Home Shopping Network. But that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten all the scents that went before it. As Parton told Vanity Fair recently, she still recalls her first run-in with perfume.

“I just remember there was a perfume called Midnight, and it was in a little heart-shaped bottle—that’s when I was just a young, young girl,” Parton recounted. “You could buy it at the drugstore. My older sister, she used to wear it, and I used to sneak in and spray it on me. I loved that.”

What’s more, the musician, actress, author and perfumer hopes to add makeup magnate to her resume before too long. Parton told Vanity Fair she plans to roll out her own line of makeup products.  

With her fans now able to smell like her and, before long, do their makeup like her, what’s left to emulate? Try to make the world a better place, Parton says. That’s what she does.

“Just be a better person, try to make things a little better,” Parton advised “GMA.” “I just like to kind of bring a little sunshine if I can.”