Willie Nelson Once Rejected Frank Sinatra’s Invitation to Hang Out: Here’s Why

by Halle Ames

Imagine just casually rejecting Frank Sinatra’s invitation to hang out. Yeah, we can’t either. Willie Nelson, however, could tell you why.

At 87-years-old, Willie Nelson has seen a thing or two. One experience that lives in his mind that he will never get back is when Frank Sinatra asked to hang out. Willie says that missing the opportunity to spend time with his favorite artist still haunts him.

“My biggest regret is we played a show together, I don’t know where it was, Vegas or somewhere, and he asked me to hang out with him a while that night, and I couldn’t. I had someplace to go and get on the bus. But that was one of my biggest regrets, that I didn’t get to hang out with Frank. Because I love him, he always has been my favorite singer.”

The admiration wasn’t a one-way street, however. Willie Nelson revealed in a 2018 interview with “The View” that he was Sinatra’s favorite as well. Goals.

“He was and is my favorite singer, and I read somewhere that I was his favorite singer, so that’s as good as it gets.”

Willie Nelson Tribute Album

Unfortunately, Willie Nelson will never get the chance to chat it up again with his icon. Frank Sinatra died in 1998 at the age of 82 after a heart attack.

The artist says he loved that the way that Sinatra phrases lyrics, because it is similar to how country artists tell stories.

“That was of the things I loved about Frank, his phrasing. He never done it twice the same way.”

Willie Nelson is currently working on his 71st studio album. No, that isn’t a typo, 71 is correct. The outlaw country legend has announced that this album will be a tribute to the musical icon Frank Sinatra.

The new album will be released in February of this year titled, That’s Life, as an extension of his 2018 Sinatra tribute album My Way.

In early July of 2020, Willie Nelson released the album, First Rose of Spring during the pandemic. The album features 11 tracks and has received mostly positive reviews from critics. It also peaked at number five on the US Billboard Top Country Albums.