Willie Nelson Would Rather Cut His Hair Than Get a New Guitar

by Jonathan Howard

Willie Nelson got his guitar Trigger back in 1969, and since then through multiple marriages, an IRS scare, and fire, it is still around. When it comes to Nelson’s iconic hair or getting a new guitar, the singer is fine with growing his braids back.

There is just no way that Nelson can see himself parting with that guitar. It was after a brand new guitar was given to him by the Baldwin company was destroyed at a show that Trigger came into Nelson’s life. It is a Martin N-20 Classical guitar with a Prismatone pickup. Named after Roy Rogers’ horse, it has been his companion ever since.

So, when asked if he would rather get a haircut or a new guitar, the answer was simple. “I’d cut the hair off, and it’ll grow back,” he said with little hesitation. That’s because his guitar is basically a part of him.

“Trigger’s like me. Old and beat-up. I like the way it’s sounding all right, [though]. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Willie lamented.

It makes sense when you ask the experts. Mark Erlewine, the man who tunes Trigger every year explained exactly why the instrument is so beloved. He is lucky enough to get to handle the guitar. Based in Austin, Texas, the luthier had some kind words for the Martin.

“A guitar sounds better as it gets older, just like a Stradivarius does,” Erlewine explained. “The wood ages and the tone gets more lively. New guitars have to have time to open up. The wood has to vibrate, it has to move, to bring the sound out. Willie plays so much, it brought out the tone of the guitar.”

Willie Nelson plays all the time. It seems he has an album release every year and sometimes two.

Willie Nelson Family Drops New Recording

Of course, lately, Willie Nelson has been recording a lot with his family. They have released several songs this year. An album is on the way. With sons Micah and Lukas as well as his daughters Paula and Amy, and sister Bobbie, the group is wonderful.

Recording songs as a family is something that Nelson has done for years. It was back in 1971 when Nelson first used the term “Family” to refer to his band. At the time, only his sister Bobbie was related to him in the band. However, he like the term better than “Band” so it stuck. However, The Willie Nelson Family is Willie along with his children and sister. They have an album planned for release on November 19.

The album is full of songs that Willie has performed in the past. Those include I Saw the Light, Family Bible, and All Things Must Pass. It should be a solid album with great harmony and sound.